DMC Classic Mixes – I Love Beyonce, Vol.1

An Essential & Exclusive Collection Of The Best Megamixes & Two Trackers
Featuring Global Superstar Sensation Beyonce


01.Beyonce Megamix
Beyonce ‘Work It Out’
Beyonce ‘Me, Myself & I’
Beyonce ‘Naughty Girl’
Beyonce Feat. Sean Paul ‘Baby Boy’
Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love’
Mixed By Urbanheadz / RT 10:02 / BPM 95 to 100

02.Beyonce Vs Ini Kamoze ‘Beyonce The Hotstepper’ (DJ Soundclash)
Beyonce ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’
Ini Kamoze ‘(Here Comes) The Hotstepper’
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts ‘I Love Rock and Roll’
Rihanna ‘Pon Da Replay’
Mixed By Urbanheadz / RT: 3.27 / BPM 98

03.Beyonce Dancemix
Beyonce & Shakira ‘Beautiful Liar’ (Freemasons Mix)
Beyonce ‘Deja Vu’ (Freemasons Mix)
Beyonce ‘Green Light’ (Freemasons Mix)
Beyonce ‘Ring The Alarm’ (Freemasons Mix)
Mixed By Ashley Riggs / RT: 9:00 / BPM 126

04.Beyonce Vs Ripgroove ‘Ripgroove The World’
Beyonce ‘Run The World (Girls)’
Double 99 ‘Ripgroove’
Mixed By Urbanheadz / RT 5.15 / BPM 127

05.Beyonce & Destiny’s Child Dance Megamix
Beyonce ‘Naughty Girl’
Beyonce ‘Baby Boy’
Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love’
Destiny’s Child ‘Soldier’
Destiny’s Child ‘Bootilicious’
Destiny’s Child ‘Lose My Breath’
Beyonce ‘Work It Out’
Mixed By DJ Weisser / RT: 17:01 / BPM 97 to 124 to 133

06.Amerie Vs Will Smith Vs Beyonce ‘Crazy Switch Thing’ (Three Tracker)
Amerie ‘1 Thing’
Will Smith ‘Switch’
Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love’
Mixed By Guy Garrett / RT 5.29 / BPM 101

07.Beyonce Vs C&C Music Factory (Triple Tracker)
Beyonce ‘Irreplaceable’
C&C Music Factory ‘Sweat’
Beyonce Fe. Sean Paul ‘Baby Boy’
Mixed By Bernd Loorbach / RT 3:29 / BPM 116

08.Beyonce Dance Mix
Beyonce ‘Diva’
Beyonce ‘If I Was A Boy’
Beyonce ‘Halo’
Beyonce ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’
Mixed By Allstar / RT: 10:52 / BPM 128

09.Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love Booty’
Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love’ vs Michael Jackson ‘Bille Jean’
Mixed By Mike Greaves / RT 4:28 / BPM 126