Barry White – 1983 Dedicated

1.America(B.White) 5:47
2.Free(B.White,C.Taylor,R.Roberson) 5:02
3.Don’t Forget…Remember(B.White) 5:45
4.Life(B.White,J.Perry) 3:40
5.Love Song(L.Duncan) 5:50
6.All in the Run of a Day(B.White,R.Staunton) 6:55
7.Don’t Let ‘Em Blow Your Mind(B.White,J.Perry) 6:48
8.Dreams(B.White,W.Lewis) 4:20

Genre-R&B, Soul,
Label-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”Dedicated” is the fifteenth album of American singer Barry White, published in 1983 by Unlimited Gold Records. It includes a cover of Love Song, a song written by Lesley Duncan and starring Elton John in 1970.

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Barry White – 1983 Dedicated

Club Disco 1983, Vol.1-Non Stop Mix (2CD's)

CD 1
01. Gazebo – I Like Chopin
02. Digital Emotion – Get Up
03. Sling shot – Do It Again
04. Class Action – Weekend
05. Gary Low – You Are Danger

CD 2

01. X-Ray Connection – Get Ready
02. Master Genius – Let’s Break
03. Earlene Bentley – The Boys Come To Town
04. Divine – Love Reaction
05. Special Touch – Feel Better
06. Vicky Sue Robinson – To Sir With Love

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Club Disco 1983, Vol.1-Non Stop Mix (2CD’s)

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Ben Liebrand = Grandmix 1983 (58')

The Grandmix 83 “Directors Cut” now ends with “Living on Video” by Trans-X
Tracks 69 to 77 were in the original mix, but not broadcasted due to the maximum time available in 1983. As the mix now runs on for 4 more tracks, it will be more complete than the one broadcasted in 1983. Among the tracks removed from the very end are “Zarah – Nina Hagen”, “Beat it – Michael Jackson” “Maniac – Michael Sembello”and some obscure tracks I don’t even remember.
Believe me nothing worth keeping is lost here, as these extra tracks were only in the mix to make sure it was at least one full hour. Consider this to be the final “Directors Cut”of the Grandmix 83

The first time the mix was broadcasted in 1983, tape box 2 turned out to be empty,
and the time gap was filled with Side A of a High Fashion Mix Album by Ben Liebrand.
One week later the mix was broadcasted as initially intended.

1.Intro Grandmix 83
2.Am/Fm – Natascha King
3.Just Be Good To Me – S.O.S. Band
4.New York, Ny – Nina Hagen
5.Let’s Stay Together – Tina Turner
6.Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Indeep
7.When Boys Talk – Indeep
8.All Night Long – Lionel Richie
9.I Like Chopin – Gazebo
10.Sucker DJ – Dimples D
11.Rockit – Herbie Hancock
12.Jam on Revenge – New Clues
13.Get It On – Spence
14.Too Shy – Kajagogoo
15.The Crown -Gary Bird
16.Get The Money – Valerie Oliver
17.Let’s Dance – David Bowie
18.Take me to the top – Advance
19.Good Time Superstition Medley – Clubhouse
20.You Are In My System – Robert Palmer
21.It’s Alright – NV
22.Hip Hop Bebop – Man Parrish
23.Magic Wand -Whodini
24.You Are Beautiful – Chic
25.Hey You – Rock Steady Crew
26.Play that Beat (Mr. DJ) – Globe & Whiz Kid
27.Feel The Drive – Doctor’s Cat
28.How About It – MDMC
29.Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt
30.Holiday – Madonna
31.Something Special – Steve Harley
32.Get Down Saturdaynight – Oliver Cheatham
33.Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
34.Valley Style – T. Sky Valley
35.Let The Music Play – Shannon
36.On The Upside – Xena
37.In The Bottle – C.O.D.
38.What I’ve Got Is What You Need – Unique
39.Activate – Sharon Redd
40.New Dimension – Imagination
41.Making Music – Gary’s Gang
42.Thriller – Michael Jackson
43.Hypnotic Tango – My Mine
44.Takin’ it Straight – Corey Josias
45.Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris
46.I.O.U. – Freeez
47.I Love How You Feel – Sharon Redd
48.Let No Man Put Asunder – First Choice
49.I Love You – Yello (sample)
50.Love Game – Pure Energy
51.Walkin’ on Sunshine – Rocker’s Revenge (sample)
52.Weekend – Class Action (sample)
53.Last night A DJ saved my life – Indeep (sample)
54.Get on out of my mix – Dolby’s Cube (sample)
55.In the bottle – C.O.D. (sample)
56.Wanna Be Startin’ Something – Michael Jackson
57.Weekend – Class Action
58.Happy Station – Fun Fun
59.Happiness – Cuba Gooding
60.In The Name Of Love – Sharon Redd
61.Burn It up – Risque (rhythm loop)
62.Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
63.Owner Of A lonely Heart – Yes
64.Primitive Desire – Eastbound Express Way
65.Blue Monday – New Order
66.Get The Balance Right – Depeche Mode
67.So Many Men – Miquel Brown
68.Searchin’ – Hazell Dean
69.Party – Julius Brown
70.My Forbidden Lover – Tapps
71.Vamos a la Playa – Righeira
72.Boys come to town – Earlene Bentley
73.Living on Video – Trans-X
74.Grandmix 83 Blast-off

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Ben Liebrand – High Fashion Dance Music 1983, Vol.1 – Side B (19')

B.1–Divine-Native Love (Step By Step) 1:15
Producer – Bobby Orlando, Mark Bouman

B.2–Felix & Jarvis-Flame Thrower Rap 0:08
Producer – Jack Tann, John Lewis

B.3–Divine-Native Love (Step By Step) 1:34
Producer – Bobby Orlando, Mark Bouman

B.4–Felix & Jarvis-Flame Thrower Rap 0:19
Producer – Jack Tann, John Lewis

B.5–Divine-Native Love (Step By Step) 1:19
Producer – Bobby Orlando, Mark Bouman

B.6–Suzy Q-Shake It Up Shake Your Body 3:24
Producer – Jerry Cucuzella

B.7–Felix & Jarvis-Flame Thrower Rap 0:15
Producer – Jack Tann, John Lewis

B.8–Jade-I’m Gonna Get Your Love 1:47
Producer – Danny Taillon, Marc Racine

B.9–Carol Jiani-Ask Me 2:35
Producer – Joe Greca

B.10–Loverde & Patrick Cowley-Die Hard Lover 2:52
Producer – Bill Motley, Horus Jack Tolson

B.11–Lee Prentiss-Have I The Right 3:20
Producer, Arranged By – Mark Berry

All tracks exclusively (re)mixed and edited by Ben Liebrand
Compilationby Ben Liebrand

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Ben Liebrand – High Fashion Dance Music 1983, Vol.1 – Side B (19′)

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Ben Liebrand – High Fashion Dance Music 1983, Vol.1 – Side A (21’)

A.1–Chemise-She Can’t Love You 3:20
Producer, Arranged By – Ricki Byars Muldrow, Ron Muldrow

A.2–Raw Silk-Do It To The Music 2:45
Producer, Arranged By – Ron Dean Miller

A.3–The Ritchie Family-I’ll Do My Best 3:00
Producer – Fred Petrus

A.4–Dunn And Bruce Street-Shout For Joy 2:35
Producer, Arranged By – Bruce Gray, Dunn Pearson Jnr.

A.5–Touche-Wrap It Up 2:15
Producer, Arranged By – Claudette Washington, Dennis Bell

A.6–Freddie James-Don’t Turn Your Back On Love 3:00
Producer – Tony Green

A.7–Smith And Jones-Shame Shame Shame 3:45
Producer – De Gucht Eddy

All tracks exclusively (re)mixed and edited by Ben Liebrand
Compilationby Ben Liebrand

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Ben Liebrand – Scratch Tracks 1983 (2 CD's)

Ben Liebrand – Scratch Tracks – Side A (21’)
1-Dimples D – Sucker DJ
2-Valerie Oliver – Get The Money
3-Shannon – Let The Music Play
4-Fun Fun – Happy Station

Ben Liebrand – Scratch Tracks – Side B (22’)
1-IMS – Nonline
2-Captain Rock – Cosmic Glide
3-Rock Steady Crew – Rock Steady Crew
4-Captain Rock – The Return Of Captain Rock

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Ben Liebrand – Scratch Tracks 1983 (2 CD’s)

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