MTV Presents Partyzone 1995 (73')

Coolio feat. L.V. – Gangsta’s Paradise
TLC – Diggin‘ On You
TLC – Waterfalls
Luniz – I Got 5 On It
Dr. Dre – Keep Their Heads Ringin‘
La Bouche – Failin‘ In Love
Andru Donalds – Mishale
Adina Howard – Freak Like Me
Diana King – Shy Guy
Kreuz – Party All Night
AZ – Sugarhill
TLC – Creep
Little Shawn – Dom Perignon
Beverly Knight – Flavour Of The Old School
Fun Factory – Celebration
Fun Factory – I Wanna Be with You
Diana King – Ain’t Nobody
Lisa Moorish – I’m Your Man
Mark Morrison – Let’s Get Down
Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper
DJ Bobo – There Is A Party
Real McCoy – Love & Devotion
MN8 – I’ve Got A Little Something For You
MN8 – If You Only Let Me In
Soul II Soul – Love Enuff
Mariah Carey – Fantasy
Michael Jackson – Scream
Eternal – Power Of A Woman
N-Trance – Stayin‘ Alive
Real McCoy – Come & Get Your Love
Michelle Gayle – Happy Just To Be with You
Backstreet Boys – We’ve Got It Goin‘ On
E.Y.C. – Ooh Ah AA (I Feel It)
East 17 – Steam
Shaggy – Boombastic
Freak Power – Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
Tina Turner – Golden Eye
De‘ Lacy – Hideaway
Ace Of Base – Lucky Love
Nightcrawlers – Surrender Your Love
Simply Red – Fairground
Sparks – My Way
Nightcrawlers – Don’t Let The Feeling Go
B-Zet – Everlasting Pictures
Max A Million – Take Your Time
Oregon People – Oregon Jeans
No Sukkaz – 1234 All The Ladies On The Floor
Sweetbox – Booyah
Maxx – Move Your Body
M People – Moving On Up
Dominica – Gotta Let You Go
Michael Jackson – Earth Song
Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone
The Bucketheads – The Bomb
Donna Summer – I Feel Love ’95
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On
Freak Brothers – Push That Funky Feeling
Whigfield – Think Of You
20 Fingers – Lick It
Alex Party – Don’t Give Me Your Life
Marisa Turner – Who’s Gonna Kiss That Man
Strike – U Sure Do
The Original – I Luv U Baby
Livin ‚N‘ Joy – Dreamer
Planet Soul – Set U Free
Celvin Rotane – I Believe
740 Boyz – Shimmy Shake
Mozaic – The Halleluja Song
Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom
Corona – Try Me Out
INXS – Original Sin
Outhere Brothers – La La La Hey Hey
3 Q Matic – All I Wan’t Is You
Corona – Baby Baby
Haddaway – Catch The Fire
Berri – The Sunshine After The Rain
Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Tequila – with A Boy Like You
Culture Beat – Inside Out
Sin with Sebastian – Shut Up & Sleep with Me
Whigfield – Another Day
Eu Jheene – This Is The Night
Lil Suzy – When I Fall In Love
Chark – Summer Party
Just Friends – Ever & Ever
S.A.Y. – The Winner Of The Game
Penelope – Take A Chance
Leila K. – Electric
Twenty 4 Seven – Is It Love
Masterboy – Generation Of Love
DJ Bobo – Freedom
Just Luis – American Pie
Masterboy – Anybody
N-Trance – Set You Free
The Free – Lover On The Line
E-Rotic – Fred Come To Bed
Mr. President – 4 On The Floor
John Scatman – Scatman’s World
Dr. Alban – This Time I’m Free
Rotation – Let The Music Play
Snap – Eternity
Slam – U Got 2 Know
E-Rotic – Sex On The Phone
Captian Hollywood – Flying High
Jam & Spoon – Angel
Captian Hollywood – Find Another Way
Baby D – I Need Your Loving
Shaggy – Boombastic (Boom Mix)

MTV Spring Mix '95 (71')

1–T.F.S.F.-B & B     0:18
2–Ini Kamoze-Here Comes The Hotstepper     1:41
3–Duke-I’m A Real Sexmaniac     0:44
4–Robin S-Back It Up     2:05
5–Reel 2 Real-Raise Your Hands     2:20
6–Duke-So In Love With You     2:42
7–Zig & Zag-Them Girls     3:05
8–L.W.S.-Gosp     1:14
9–Armand Van Helden-The Witch Doctor     2:33
10–Olga-I’m A Bitch     1:30
11–MC Sar & The Real McCoy-Another Night     1:14
12–Dominica-Gotta Let You Go     2:43
13–Definition Of Joy-Stay With Me Forever     2:00
14–Those Short Dick Men-Fat Ass Bitch     0:56
15–Outhere Brothers-La La La Hey Hey     1:49
16–Nicky French-Total Eclipse Of The Heart     2:07
17–T.O.F.-Funk It Up     1:40
18–Shades Of Rhythm-Musical Freedom     2:13
19–Bit Machine feat. Daisy Dee-Somebody Real     2:30
20–Ideal-Hot     1:45
21–Baby D-Let Me Be Your Fantasy     0:56
22–T.F.S.F.-Row Row Row Your #*?#!     0:23
23–Pharao-There Is A Star     1:45
24–Kim Sanders-Ride     1:58
25–E-Rotic-Max Don’t Have Sex     1:48
26–Def Dames Dope-Out Of My Mind     2:18
27–Doop-Huckleberry Jam     1:18
28–T.N.N.-Ayayay Cielito     1:23
29–Snap-Eternity     1:57
30–Capt. Hollywood Project-Flying High     1:10
31–T.F.S.F.-B & B     0:22
32–U 96-Love Religion     2:16
33–Marusha-Trip To Raveland     2:16
34–C.N.F. II-Butt’s Experience     1:29
35–Mark ‘Oh-Tears Don’t Lie     1:45
36–Mark ‘Oh-Love Song     1:31
37–Members Of Mayday-We Are Different     1:42
38–T.N.T.-Better Than Better     0:57
39–Charly Lownoise & M. Theo-Wonderfull Days     3:02
40–Scooter-Move Your Ass     1:55
41–Scooter-Hyper Hyper     1:39
42–T.F.S.F.-B & B     0:18

Mixed By – 2 Friends On The 2nd Floor 

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MTV Spring Mix ’95 (71′)

MTV Presents Partyzone 16 (1995)

B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Stomp
Fun Factory – Do Wah Diddy
Wildchild – Renegade Master
740 Boyz – Booty Shake
Sweetbox – Shakalaka
Corona – I Donґt Wanna Be A Star
Wildchild – Renegade Master
Josh – Itґs Whatґs Upfront That Counts
Fun Factory – Do Wah Diddy
740 Boyz – Booty Shake
B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Stomp
Fish & Chips – All About Eve (Remix)
Captain Jack – Captain Jack (Remix)
Clubland – Gimme Love Gimme All (Remix)
La Switch – Kiss Me Baby (Remix)
DJ Quicksilver – Bingo Bongo (Remix)
Me & My – Dub-I-Dub
Vernette – Are You Ready
Me & My – Dub-I-Dub
La Bouche – I Love To Love
Masterboy – Land Of Dreaming (Remix)
Vernette – Are You Ready
Cherry Moon – Everybody Get Down
La Bouche – Forget Me Nots
La Bouche – I Love To Love
Wetbag – Houseparty
Maxx – Move Your Body (Sample)
Candy Girls – Fee Fa Fo Fum

The Soul Of MTV:
Deborah Cox – Who Do You Love
Father Dom – Rumours
Monifah – I Miss You
Cool G Rap – Fast Live
Kriss Kross – Tonites Tha Night
Silk – Hooked On You
Monika – Like This & Like That
LL Cool J – Hey Lover
Eva – Rollinґ
Intro – Funny How Time Flies
Soul For Real – If You Want It
Nicole Jackson – I Like
Deborah Cox – Just Be Good To Me
Truce – The Finest
All Saints – If You Wanna Party
Groove Theory – Tell Me
Pure Soul – I Want You back
Kid Sensation – Seatown Funk
Vybe – Warm Summer Daze
L.V. – Throw Your Hands Up
Coolio – Too Hot
Kreuz – Get Down On It
Skee-Lo – I Wish
Eternal – Power Of A Woman
Tone Loc – Wild Thing (Babes To Bosnia Mix)

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MTV Presents Partyzone 16 (1995)

MTV Presents Partyzone 15 (1995)


01–Partyzone Megadance 15    (29:34)
1.1–2 Unlimited-Do What’s Good For Me   
1.2–Culture Beat-Inside Out   
1.3–Ernestine-Do You Really Want My Love (Rmx)   
1.4–Molella-If You Wanna Party   
1.5–Tokapi-Take Your Time (Do It Right)   
1.6–Sin With Sebastian-Golden Boy   
1.7–Antares-You Belong To Me   
1.8–2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Come Take My Hand   
1.9–E-Rotic-Willy Use A Billy … Boy   
1.10–TH Express-I’m On Your Side   
1.11–Pech-Blinded By The Light   
1.12–Masterboy-Anybody (Rmx)   
1.13–Sarah Brightman-A Question Of Honour   

02–The Soul Of MTV    (45:59)
2.2–Diana King-Love Triangle   
2.3–Coolio-Gangster’s Paradise   
2.4–Luniz-I Got 5 On It   
2.5–La Bouche-Falling In Love   
2.6–Die Fantastischen Vier-Sie Ist Weg   
2.7–Twinz-Round & Round   
2.8–Mark Morrison-Let’s Get Down   
2.9–Tag Team-Funky Situation   
2.10–Sinclair-Casanova 95   
2.11–Kreuz-Party All Night   
2.12–Smooth-It’s Summertime   
2.13–Aaliyah-The Things I Like   
2.14–Deborah Cox-Sentimental   
2.15–Ralph Dog-All B Cuz Of You   
2.16–Mariah Carey-Fantasy   
2.17–N-Trance-Stayin’ Alive   
2.18–Backstreet Boys-We’ve Got It Goin’ On   
2.19–C.J. Lewis-R. To The A.   
2.20–Patra-Pull Up To The Bumper   
2.21–Michelle Gayle-Happy Just To Be With You   

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MTV Presents Partyzone 15 (1995)

MTV Presents Partyzone 14 (1995)

01–Partyzone Megadance 14    (35:14)
1.1–N.Y. Connection-In Front   
1.2–Veda Simpson-Oohhh Baby   
1.3–Outhere Brothers-Boom Boom Boom   
1.4–Corona-Try Me Out   
1.5–Space 2000-Do You Wanna Funk   
1.6–Sin With Sebastian-Shut Up (and Sleep With Me)   
1.7–Fun Factory-I Wanna Be With You   
1.8–Gillette-You’re A Dog   
1.9–3-O-Matic-Hand In Hand   
1.10–Real McCoy-Love & Devotion   
1.11–Whigfield-Big Time   
1.12–Pussy-Suck My Pussy   
1.13–B.A.R.-Come Together   
1.14–Mozaic-Sing It   
1.15–La Bouche-Falling In Love   
1.16–Dr. Alban-This Time I’m Free   
1.17–Haddaway-Catch A Fire   
1.18–Antares-Ride On A Meteorite   
1.19–Playahitty-1, 2, 3   
1.20–Masterboy-Generation Of Love   
1.21–Scatman John-Scatman’s World   
1.22–Herbie-I Believe   
1.23–First Base-Love Is Paradise   
1.24–E-Rotic-Sex On The Phone   
1.25–Damage Control-Trust   
1.26–Captain Hollywood Project-The Way Love Is   

02–The Soul Of MTV    (18:38)
2.2–Total Feat. Notorious B.I.G.-Can’t U See   
2.3–Monica-Don’t Take It Personal   
2.4–2Pac-Dear Mama   
2.5–Xscape-Feel So Good   
2.6–Dr. Dre-Keep Their Heads Ringin’   
2.7–Soul For Real-Candy Rain   
2.8–Diana King-Shy Guy   
2.9–Naughty By Nature-Feel Me Flow   
2.10–Charlene Smith-Feel The Goodtimes   
2.11–Love City Groove-Love City Groove   
2.12–M People-Search For The Hero   

03–Back To The Future – Part III    (15:46)
3.1–Evelyn Champagne King-Shame   
3.2–Tony Lee-Reach Up   
3.3–Charades-Gimme The Funk   
3.4–Patrice Rushen-Forget Me Nots   
3.5–Montana Sextet-Who Need Enemies   
3.6–Mike Anthony-Why Can’t We Live Together   

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MTV Presents Partyzone 14 (1995)

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MTV Presents Partyzone 13 (1995)

01–Patyzone Megadance 13    (32:03)
1.1–Unknown Artist-Intro   
1.2–Twenty 4 Seven-Keep On Tryin’   
1.3–2 Unlimited-Here I Go   
1.4–Corona-Baby Baby   
1.5–2 Bros On The 4th Floor-Fly   
1.6–Electric Gold-Hey Mr. Devil   
1.7–Michael J. Gibbs-Back To Heaven   
1.8–Haddaway-Fly Away   
1.9–E-Type-This Is The Way   
1.10–Jam Bee-Like The Way I Do   
1.11–Pharao-World Of Magic   
1.12–Odyssey-Face To Face   
1.13–3-O-Matic-Hand In Hand   
1.14–Cymurai-Magic Touch   
1.15–K-Da’ Cruz-Love Is Lifting Me Higher   
1.16–Loft-Don’t Stop Me Now   

02–Soul Of MTV    (33:54)
2.1–Schwester S-Ja Klar   
2.2–Da Brat-Give It 2 U   
2.3–Notorious B.I.G-Big Poppa   
2.4–Adina Howard-Freak Like Me   
2.5–Des’ree-You Gotta Be   
2.6–Alysha Warren-I Pray   
2.7–B.M.U.-You Will Know   
2.8–Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock-Break Of Dawn   
2.9–MN8    I’ve Got A Litttle-Something For U   
2.10–Eric Gable    Process-Of Elimination   
2.11–Jazz Kantine-55555   
2.12–Bobby Brown-Two Can Play That Way   
2.13–Luther Vandross-Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now   
2.14–Dr. Dre & Ed Lover-Back Up Off Me   

03–Night Crawlers-Push The Feeling On (Monster-Remix ’95)  

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MTV Presents Partyzone 13 (1995)

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Prelude's Mastermixes, Vol. III (1995)

Title – Prelude’s Mastermixes Volume III
Genre – 80s Style, Disco, Dance, Megamix
Time – 48:55
Format – MP3 320 Kbps VBR (avg 205 Kbps)
Size – 71 Mb

Mixed Tracklist:
A. Prelude Megamix Volume # 1 (11:32)
[01] The Strikers – Inch By Inch
[02] D-Train – Music
[03] Weeks & Co. – Go With The Flow
[04] Rod – Just Keep On Walking
[05] Sharon Redd – Beat The Street
[06] D-Train – Keep Giving Me Love
[07] D-Train – You’re The One For Me
[08] Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music
[09] D-Train – D-Train ‘Dub’
[10] The Strikers – Body Music

B. Prelude Megamix Volume # 2 (Cult & Rare Grooves) (13:56)
[01] D-Train – You’Re The One For Me
[02] Conquest – Body Movement
[03] D-Train – Keep On
[04] Sharon Redd – Love How You Feel
[05] D-Train – “D” Train Theme
[06] Pilot – You Are The One
[07] Unique – What I Got Is What You Need
[08] Sharon Redd – Never Give You Up
[09] The Strikers – Inch By Inch
[10] Sharon Redd – Beat The Street
[11] Inner Life – I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)
[12] Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver

C. Prelude Megamix Volume # 3 (7:07)
[01] Sharon Redd – You Got Me Love
[02] Gayle Adams – Love Fever
[03] Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver
[04] Passion – Don’t Stop My Love
[05] Sharon Redd – Never Give You Up
[06] Sharon Redd – Beat The Street
[07] Unique – What I Got Is What You Need
[08] Day – Come Let Me Love You Jeanette “Lady”
[09] France Joli – Gonna Get Over You
[10] D-Train – You’Re The One For Me
[11] D-Train – Keep On
[12] Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music
[13] D-Train – Music

D. Sharon Redd Megamix (16:17)
[01] Sharon Redd – Beat The Street
[02] Sharon Redd – Love How You Feel
[03] Sharon Redd – You’re A Winner
[04] Sharon Redd – Somebody Save The Night
[05] Sharon Redd – Never Give You Up 

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MTV Presents Partyzone 12 (1995) (74') 12 (1995) (74')

1–Partyzone 12 Megadance    (34:02)
1.1–Human League-Tell Me When   
1.2–20 Fingers-Short Dick Man   
1.3–Swing-Sweet Dreams   
1.4–DJ BoBo-Love Is All Around   
1.5–Caught In The Act-Love Is Everywhere   
1.6–Mr. President-I’ll Follow The Sun   
1.7–B.G. The Prince Of Rap-Can’t Love You   
1.8–Whigfield-Another Day   
1.9–Human League-Tell Me When   
1.10–New Atlantic-Sunshine After The Rain   
1.11–Deuce-Call It Love   
1.12–Sonic Boom-Open Your Mind   
1.13–Orange Blue-If You Wanna Be   
1.14–Herbie-Right Type Of Mood   
1.15–Matrix-Follow Me   
1.16–Captain Hollywood-Flying High   
1.17–Prince Ital Joe Feat. Marky Mark-Babylon   
1.18–N-Trance-Set You Free   
1.19–Snap-The First, The Last, Eternity   

2–The Soul Of MTV    (18:12)
2.1–Michelle Gayle-Sweetness   
2.2–Joe-All Or Nothing   
2.3–Jade-Every Day Of The Week   
2.5–Da Brat-Funkdafied   
2.6–Da Brat-Fa All Y’All   
2.7–Notorious Big-Juicy   
2.8–Ini Kamoze-Here Comes The Hotstepper   
2.9–Yo! Co Ross-Miss Me   

3–UK Jammin’    (21:49)
3.1–Blackstreet-You Blow My Mind ’95   
3.3–M People-Sight For Sore Eyes   
3.4–Baby D-Let Me Be Your Fantasy   
3.5–Brand New Heavies-Spend Some Time   
3.6–Michelle Gayle-Sweetness   
3.7–Sync Inc.-Right Now, Right Here   
3.8–20 Fingers-Lick It   
3.9–Outhere Brothers-La La La Hey Hey   
3.10–Dick-I’m A Real Sex Maniac   
3.11–M People-Open Your Heart

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Prelude's Mastermixes, Vol. II (1995)

Album – Prelude’s Mastermixes Vol 2 [1995]
Artist – Various Artists
Genre – Electronic, Disco, EuroDisco, HiNRG, Dance, Remix, Compilation
Time – 77:38
Format – MP3 320 Kbps CBR
Size – 179 Mb

[01] 04-51 Tony Lee – Reach Up (Mastermix) Edited
[02] 08-39 D Train – Keep On (Mastermix)
[03] 06-11 Warp 9 – Light Years Away (Mastermix)
[04] 06-01 Indeep – Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life (Mastermix)
[05] 06-42 Sharon Redd – Beat The Street (Mastermix)
[06] 06-45 D Train – Music (Mastermix)
[07] 07-56 Visual – The Music Got Me (Mastermix)
[08] 08-59 Wuf Ticket – Ya Mama (Mastermix)
[09] 07-01 Musique – Keep On Jumpin (Mastermix)
[10] 07-22 Sharon Redd – In The Name Of Love (Hot Trax Mix)
[11] 07-13 France Joli – Come To Me (Classy Disco Remix)

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