Gold Dust Grooves – Barry White Jazzy 1973-1983 (52')

Barry Eugene White (September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003) was an American record producer and singer-songwriter. A five-time Grammy Award-winner known for his distinctive bass voice and romantic image, White’s greatest success came in the 1970s as a solo singer and with the Love Unlimited Orchestra, crafting many enduring soul, funk, and disco songs such as his two biggest hits, “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” and “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”. Worldwide, White had many gold and platinum albums and singles, with combined sales of over 100 million.
01.I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby       
02.Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up       
03.Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe       
04.Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It       
05.Baby, We Better Try to Get It Together       
06.Let The Music Play       
07.September When I First Met You       
08.I Found Love       
09.Lady, Sweet Lady       

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Gold Dust Grooves – Barry White Jazzy 1973-1983 (52′)

Barry White – 1987 The Right Night & Barry White

1.Good Dancin’ Music(Barry White,Jack Perry) 7:05
2.As Time Goes By(Herman Hupfeld) 5:51
3.Sho’ You Right(White,Perry) 7:43
4.For Your Love(I’ll Do Most Anything)(White,Bryan Loren) 6:23
5.There’s A Place(Where Love Never Ends)(White,Frieda Brock,Doug Lambert) 7:25
6.Love Is In Your Eyes(White,Perry,Don Williams) 7:22
7.I’m Ready For Love(White,Lambert,Edward R. Martinez) 5:09
8.Share(White,Charles Fearing) 7:05
9.Who’s The Fool(White,Perry,Eugene Booker) 6:36
10.The Right Night(White) 6:32

Released-September 24, 1987
Genre-R&B, soul
Label-A&M/PolyGram Records
Producer-Barry White

”The Right Night & Barry White” is the self-produced sixteenth album by American R&B singer Barry White, which was released in 1987 on A&M Records. This was White’s first album for A&M, with which he had signed after a four-year break from recording following a largely unsuccessful venture with his own CBS-affiliated custom label Unlimited Gold, which released six albums
released between 1979 and 1983, none of which made more than a very moderate chart impact. With its mixture of monologue-interspersed ballads and uptempo tracks with a Latin feel, The Right Night & Barry White did not stray far from White’s familiar sound. Critical opinion suggested that this kind of R&B was simply not in vogue in 1987 and that while the album would sell to hardcore White fans, it was unlikely to reach a significant new audience. This indeed proved to be the case, as the album was another commercial disappointment for White, peaking at #28 on the R&B chart and failing to reach the top 100 on the pop chart. Lead single “Sho’ You Right” made #17 on the R&B chart and gave White his first UK top 20 hit since 1978.

Barry White – 1983 Dedicated

1.America(B.White) 5:47
2.Free(B.White,C.Taylor,R.Roberson) 5:02
3.Don’t Forget…Remember(B.White) 5:45
4.Life(B.White,J.Perry) 3:40
5.Love Song(L.Duncan) 5:50
6.All in the Run of a Day(B.White,R.Staunton) 6:55
7.Don’t Let ‘Em Blow Your Mind(B.White,J.Perry) 6:48
8.Dreams(B.White,W.Lewis) 4:20

Genre-R&B, Soul,
Label-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”Dedicated” is the fifteenth album of American singer Barry White, published in 1983 by Unlimited Gold Records. It includes a cover of Love Song, a song written by Lesley Duncan and starring Elton John in 1970.

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Barry White – 1983 Dedicated

Barry White – 1982 Change

1.Change(Barry White,Carl Taylor,John Lopez) 6:12
2.Turnin’ on, Tunin’ in(To Your Love)(Vella M.Cameron) 5:13
3.Let’s Make Tonight(An Evening to Remember)(Jasper Cameron,Vella M.Cameron) 5:09
4.Don’t Tell Me About Heartaches(John Vallins,Nat Kipner) 6:52
5.Passion(Barry White,Carl Taylor,John Lopez) 6:58
6.I’ve Got That Love Fever(Barry White,Jack Perry,Vella M.Cameron) 5:11
7.I Like You, You Like Me(Barry White,Jack Perry) 5:30
8.It’s All About Love(Vella M.Cameron) 4:20

Genre-R&B, Soul
Label-20th Century-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”Change” is the fourteenth album by American singer Barry White, published in 1982 by the Unlimited Gold Records.

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Barry White – 1982 Change

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Barry White – 1981 Beware!

1.Beware(J.Belvin) 5:50
2.Relax To The Max(B.White,L.Simon) 3:42
3.Let Me In And Let’s Be…(B.White,V.M.Cameron) 6:02
4.Your Love,Your Love(B.White,L.Simon) 4:22
5.Tell Me Who Do You Love(B.White,D.White) 2:06
6.Rio De Janeiro(B.White,C.P.Jackson,M.Jackson) 4:25
7.You’re My High(B.White,N.East) 2:14
8.Oooo….Ahhh….(B.White,F.Williams,J.Milligan) 3:58
9.I Won’t Settle For Les…(B.White,V.M.Cameron) 4:20
10.Louie Louie(R.Berry) 7:14

Released-January, 1981
Genre-R&B, Soul
Label-20th Century-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”Beware!” is an album of American singer Barry White, published in 1981 by the Unlimited Gold Records. It includes a cover of Louie Louie, famous song written by Richard Berry in 1955.

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Barry White – 1981 Beware!

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Barry White – 1981 Barry & Glodean(with Glodean White)

1-Our Theme – Part I(Barry White) 3:18
2-I Want You(Barry White,Jimmy Levine,Lowrell Simon) 4:24
3-You’re The Only One For Me(Barry White,Vella M.Cameron) 5:05
4-This Love(Fleming Williams)     4:02
5-The Better Love Is The Worse It Is When It Is Over)(Adryan Russ) 4:49
6-You(Barry White,Vella M.Cameron) 3:40
7-We Can’t Let Go Of Love(Barry White,Brent Maglia,Vito Giovannelli) 3:55
8-You Make My Life Easy Livin'(Jasper Cameron,Vella M.Cameron) 4:17
9-Didn’t We Make It Happen, Baby(Barry White,Danny Pearson) 5:22
10-Our Theme – Part II(Barry White) 2:42

Genre-R&B, Soul
Label-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”Barry & Glodean” is an album of American singer Barry White, in collaboration with Glodean White, his wife and singer of Love Unlimited, female trio that accompanied the exhibition of Barry White. The album was published in 1981 by the Unlimited Gold Records.

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Barry White – 1980 Sheet Music

1.Sheet Music(Barry White,Paul Politi) 7:02
2.Lady, Sweet Lady(Norman Sallitt) 5:40
3.I Believe in Love(Austin Johnson,Barry White,Smead Hudman) 8:01
4.Ghetto Letto(Barry White,Paul Politi,Vella Maria Cameron) 5:53
5.Rum and Coke(Al Stillman,Jeri Sullivan,Morey Amsterdam,Paul Baron) 2:30
6.She’s Everything to Me(Barry White,Bernard Butler) 4:02
7.Love Makin’ Music(Jerry Ragovoy) 4:57

Released-January, 1980
Genre-R&B, Soul
Label-20th Century-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”Sheet Music” reveals the downside of the situation with a slew of well-below-the-grade numbers and feeble, redundant grooves. The title track starts things off in desperate fashion as White interjects anesthetized Earth, Wind, & Fire horn riffs over a perfunctory “Rock the Boat” beat. Influence works both ways, though, since Beck used the nasal vocal vamp from the end of this song to comedic effect on his Midnite Vultures cut “Hollywood Freaks.” The disappointments continue on Sheet Music as White warms to “The Theme From Love Boat” on “Lady, Sweet Lady,” turns the already repetitive “I Believe in Love” into an extended mix, and gives calypso a disco turn on “Rum and Coke.” The latter cut does contain one of White’s irresistible, sexual-advisory monologues and infectious grooves do pop up sporadically, but these moments are rare. 

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Barry White – 1980 Sheet Music

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Barry White – 1979 The Message Is Love

1.It Ain’t Love, Babe(Until You Give It)(Barry White) 4:22
2.Hung Up in Your Eyes(Barry White) 4:11
3.You’re the One I Need(Barry White,Smead Hudman) 4:23
4.Any Fool Could See(You Were Meant for Me)(Barry White) 4:45
5.Love Ain’t Easy(Barry White) 5:36
6.I’m on Fire(Robert Jason) 5:39
7.I Found Love(Barry White) 6:57

Released-October 16, 1979
Genre-Disco, Soul, R&B
Label-Unlimited Gold
Producer-Barry White

”The Message Is Love” is the self-produced tenth album by American R&B singer Barry White, released in 1979. It was White’s first release on his own CBS-affiliated custom label, Unlimited Gold, following his departure from long-time label 20th Century-Fox Records, and advance interest was high. The album however proved a disappointment both critically and commercially. Lacking an obvious hit single to provide sales impetus, it stalled outside the R&B top 10 (peaking at #14) and could only reach #67 on the pop chart. The poor performance of the album set the pattern for White’s career slump in the early 1980s, which saw him fail to place any other album on the Billboard top 100 during the decade.

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Barry White – 1979-I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing

1.I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing(White,Politi,Wilson) 2:50
2.Girl, What’s Your Name(White,Pearson,Wilson) 4:08
3.Once upon a Time(You Were a Friend of Mine)(Coleman) 6:01
4.Oh Me, Oh My(I’m Such a Lucky Guy)(White,Wilson,Politi,Cooksey) 5:04
5.I Can’t Leave You Alone(White,Sepe,Wilson) 3:25
6.Call Me Baby(Coleman) 8:04
7.How Did You Know It Was Me?(Coleman) 6:47

Released-April 10, 1979
Genre-R&B, Soul
Label-20th Century-Fox Records
Producer-Barry White

” I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing” is the self-produced ninth album by American R&B singer Barry White, released in 1979 on the 20th Century-Fox Records label. I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing fulfilled White’s 20th Century-Fox Records contract. White was increasingly dissatisfied with that label’s management when Russ Regan left the label to form Millennium Records and felt that he was being ignored in terms of promotion at the time. He then left the company and signed a custom label contract with CBS Records to release future material under his own Unlimited Gold imprint. White’s first album on his new label, The Message Is Love, was released seven months and six days after I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing. With attention and interest focused on his well-publicized CBS deal, I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing passed by largely unnoticed. It was the least successful album of his 20th Century career, only reaching #40 on the R&B chart, which six of his eight previous albums had
topped. None of the single releases made any impact either.

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