DJ Extramayo – Chillin with Bobby Caldwell & Michael Franks (58')

Robert Hunter “Bobby” Caldwell (born August 15, 1951) is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who, despite a prolific musical output over his 30-year career, is still best known for his 1978 hit single “What You Won’t Do for Love”.

Michael Franks (born September 18, 1944) is a jazz singer and songwriter. His best known works include “When I Give My Love to You”, “Popsicle Toes”, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”, “Lotus Blossom”, “Tiger in the Rain”, “Rainy Night in Tokyo”, and “Tell Me All About It”. His biggest hit came in 1983 with “When Sly Calls (Don’t Touch That Phone)” from the album Passionfruit. Radio hits include “Your Secret’s Safe With Me” from 1985’s Skin Dive, and “Island Life” from 1987’s The Camera Never Lies.

1-My Flame – Bobby Caldwell
2-Tell me all about it – Michael Franks
3-Coming down from love – Bobby Caldwell
4-Tahitian Moon – Michael Franks
5-Jamaica – Bobby Caldwell
6-Rainy night in Tokyo – Michael Franks
7-Once upon a Time – Bobby Caldwell
8-Vivaldi’s Song – Michael Franks
9-Real Thing – Bobby Caldwell
10-Island Life – Michael Franks
11-Without your love – Bobby Caldwell
12-Hourglass – Michael Franks
13-Next time I fall – Bobby Caldwell
14-On my way home to you – Michael Franks

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DJ Extramayo – Chillin with Bobby Caldwell & Michael Franks (58′)

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