DJ Danymix – What's This Mix Vol.1 (9’)

1.Imagination – Just an Ilusion
2.Alexander O’Neil with Cherelle – Saturday Love
3.SOS Band – The Finest
4.BB & the Q Band – Dreamer
5.Amples Rythm Scholar Samples
6.Alexander O’Neil – What’s Missing
7.Princess – Say I’m a Number One
8.Nu Shooz – Point of no Return
9.Mai Tai – What Goes Around
10.Aretha Frlanklin & George Michael – I Knew You Were Waiting
11.Nuance feat. Vicki Love – Loveride
12.SOS Band – Just be Good to me
13.Fine Young Canibals – You Drive me Crazy
14.Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
15.Linda Lewis – Class Style
16.Black Box – Fantasy Rap
17.Imagination – Music and Light
18.System – This is for You
19.John Adams – Strip this Heart

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DJ Danymix – What’s This Mix Vol.1 (9’)

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DJ Danymix – What's This Mix Vol. 2 (10')

1.Whispers – And the Beat Goes on
2.Starpoint – It’s all Yours
3.Whispers – Tonight
4.Advance – Take me to the top
5.Skool Boyz – I Don’t Want Nobody Else
6.Uk Players – Loves gonna get you
7.Aretha Franklin – Jump to it
8.George Duke – Reach out
9.Larry Wu – Let me Show you
10.The Michael Zager Band – Shot in the dark
11.Total Contrast – Hit and Run
12.Olie & Jerry – Breakin’
13.Colonel abrams – Trapped
14.Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principal (Ultimix Version)
15.Total contrast – Takes a Little Time
16.Indeep – When Boys Talk
17.Melba Moore – Take My Love
18.Shout – Suspicion
19.Unique – What I Got Is What You Need
20.The blackbyrds – Better Days
21.Second Image – Can’t keep Holding on
22.Scott White – I don’t Understand it
23.Midnight Star – Midas Touch
24.D-train –  Music
25.Starpoint – He Wants my Body
26.Skyy – Show me the Way
27.Aretha Franklin – Who’s Zoomin Who
28.Junie Morisson – Tease me
29.David Jopseph – You Can’t hide
30.John Rocca – I Want it to be Real
31.Gayle Adams – Your Love is a Lifesaver

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DJ Danymix – What’s This Mix Vol. 2 (10′)

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