DMC 43, The Mixes – August 86-2-(Vinyl 2) International (7'20'')(7'59'')(7'31'')(7'38'')(12'37'')

DMC 43, The Mixes – August 86-2-Timmy Thomas-Why Can’t We Live Together (Vinyl 2) International  
A1–Timmy Thomas-Why Can’t We Live Together-Remix Ben Liebrand
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DMC 43, The Mixes – August 86-2-V.A.The TNT Mix (Vinyl 2) International  

A2–Various-The TNT Mix-DJ Mix(Megamix) Jorgen ‘TNT’ Moller
A2.1–E.G. Daily-Say It, Say It    
A2.2–Rockers Revenge-Walking On Sunshine    
A2.3–Pressure Drop-Rock The House    
A2.4–Chilltown-Rock The Beat    
A2.5–Julian-Can’t Go This Way Again    
A2.6–Felix & Jarvis-Flamethrower Rap    
A2.7–C-Bank-One More Shot    
A2.8–Afrika Bambaataa-Unity    
A2.10–Hot Streak-Bodywork    
A2.11–Colonel Abrams-Trapped    
A2.12–Fresh-Dum Dum    
DMC 43, The Mixes – August 86-2-Stephanie-Ouragan-Irresistible (Vinyl 2) International 
A3–Stephanie-Ouragan/Irresistible-Remix Dimitri ‘The Kid’

DMC 43, The Mixes – August 86-2-Timex Social Club-Rumours (Vinyl 2) International    
B1–Timex Social Club-Rumours-Remix Rutger ‘Rutti’ Kroese


DMC 43, The Mixes – August 86-2-V.A.Slag It Off (Vinyl 2) International   

B2–Various-Slag It Off-DJ Mix(Megamix) Peter Slaghuis
B2.1–The Whistle-Just Buggin’    
B2.2–Full Force-Alice, I Want You    
B2.4–Paul Hardcastle-Don’t Waste My Time    
B2.6–Total Contrast-Hit And Run    
B2.7–Jocelyn Brown-Love’s Gonna Get You    
B2.8–Sheila E-Love Bizarre    
B2.9–Rochelle-Magic Man    
B2.10–Mildred Scott-Prisoner Of Love    
B2.11–Cherelle-Saturday Love    
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DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-(Vinyl 2) International (7'42'')(6'47')(10'26'')(7'17'')(7'41'')(9'52'')

DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-Freeez-I.O.U.(Vinyl 2) International
A1–Freeez-I.O.U. (The Ultimate Remix) (How Far Can One Go Go)-Remix – Ben Liebrand
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DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-Midnight Star-Headlines (Vinyl 2) International
A2–Midnight Star-Headlines (Front Page Mix)-Remix – Ben Liebrand
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DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-V.A. On Broadway (Vinyl 2) International   
A3–Various-On Broadway-DJ Mix(Megamix) – Dimitri ‘The Kid’ Yerasimos, Robert Levy Provencal
A3.1–Trouble Funk-Still Smokin’    
A3.2–Nuance-Love Ride    
A3.3–Millie Scott-Prisoner Of Love    
A3.4–Skipworth & Turner-Thinking About Your Love    
A3.5–Jocelyn Brown-Somebody Else’s Guy    
A3.6–Frederick Mc Count Linton-I’m Somebody Else’s Guy    
A3.7–Jocelyn Brown-I Wish You Would    
A3.8–Wally Badarou-Chief Inspector    
A3.9–Warp 9-Master Of The Mix    
A3.10–Gayle Adams-I’m Warning You    
A3.11–Donald Banks-Status Quo    
A3.12–THS-Lady Shine    
A3.13–The Concept-Mr. DJ    
A3.14–Cashmere-Can I     
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DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer (Vinyl 2) International
B1–Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer (Mix Hammer)-Remix – Dimitri ‘The Kid’ Yerasimos
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DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-V.A. What Have You Mixed For Me Lately (Vinyl 2) International   
B2–Various-What Have You Mixed For Me Lately-DJ Mix(Megamix) – Orlando Voorn
B2.1–Skyy-Givin’ It (To You)    
B2.2–Sylvia Smith-Don’t Wanna Be A Sometime Lover    
B2.3–Cameo-Single ‘Bass’ Life    
B2.4–Cherrelle     Artificial-Heart    
B2.5–George Clinton-Do Fries Go With That Shake    
B2.6–Janet Jackson-What Have You Done For Me Lately    
B2.7–King MC-What Have I Done For You Lately    
B2.8–Con Funk Shun-Burnin’ Love    
B2.9–Pauli Carman-Dial My Number    
B2.10–Johnny Kemp-Just Another Lover    
B2.11–Johnny Dynell-Rhythm Of Love (Dub)    
B2.12–J.M. Silk-Shadows Of Your Love    
B2.13–Evelyn King-High Horse    
B2.14–Kraftwerk-Home Computer  
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DMC 42, The Mixes – July 86-2-V.A. Sun – Bernt (Vinyl 2) International
B3–Various-Sun – Bernt-DJ Mix(Megamix) – Baard ‘Double B’ Berntsen
DMC 42, The Mixes – JuLY 86 (Vinyl 2) International   
B3.1–Brian Auger-Night Train To Nowhere    
B3.2–Ray Foster-Run To Me    
B3.4–Patrick Colby-Mandrill    
B3.5–Fluo-Magic Mirror
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