DJ Divine – ZYX Italo Disco Mix 7 (56')

01-Wolframm – Give Me All Your Love (Michael Nolen Maxi Disco Remix)
02-Peter Wilson – I Don’t Wanna See You Cry (Matt Pop Album Mix)
03-Peter Wilson – Lonely Is The Night (Matt Pop Extended Mix)
04-Romantic Avenue Feat – Michael Nolen – Dangerous Heart (TDHDriver Longdrink Remix)
05-Joey Mauro – Japan Kiss (Marschall Longdrink Remix)
06-Lenroy – Do You (Extended Version)
07-Magic System DJ – Angels (Extended Version)
08-Siberian Heat – Don’t Stop The Music (Special ZYX Maxi Version)
09-Cristina Manzano – Paradise
10-The Sweeps – The Last Dream (Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff Remix)
11-The Crosslines – Tomorrow Is Another Day (Another Day Mix) 

DJ Divine – ZYX Italo Disco Mix 6 (70')

01-Siberian Heat – Irresistible (Special ZYX Version)
02-Malcom & The Bad Girls – No Heaven For The Bad Girls (Vocal Version)
03-Neo Romantic – Don’t Wait For Tomorrow (Extended Version)
04-Time Machine Feat. Albert One – Cold As Ice (Another Version)
05-Tom Hooker & Miki Chieregato – No Elevation (Flashback Remix)
06-Estimado – Faster (Albiero Remix)
07-D. White feat. K. Lelyukhin – Generous Love (ZYX Extended Version)
08-Mode-One – I Wanna Feel You
09-NEA! – Puppy Love (Do You Remember) (Extended Version)
10-D. White – No Connect (Long Version)
11-Fred Ventura – Don’t Give Up (Italo Connection Remix)
12-D. White – All The Story Is History (Extended Version)
13-Magic System DJ – Inside (Maxi Version)
14-Miko Mission – Let It Be Love (Original Mix)
15-Nikita Fomin – Stranger (Dream Version) 

DJ Divine – ZYX Italo Disco Mix 5 (58')

01-Mode One – Sometimes
02-Raf Coney – I See You Later (Vocal Version)
03-Delgado – Summer Of ’85 (Maxi Version)
04-Talking Eyes – In The Sun (Extended Version)
05-Romantic Avenue Feat. Heaven42 – Against The Odds
06-Digitalo – Girl From Russia (Extended Version)
07-D. White – One Wish (ZYX Extended Version)
08-Mode One – She’s Dancing Alone (Extended Version)
09-Magic System DJ – I Wanna Touch Your Body Now (Extended Version)
10-DJ Savage – When We In Illusion (Special ZYX Long Version)
11-Retronic Voice – Dancing In My Dream (Special Extended)

DJ Divine – ZYX Italo Disco Mix 4 (66')

Title – ZYX Italo Disco Mix IV 2018
Mixed – DJ Divine
Genre – 80s Style, EuroDisco, ItaloDisco, HiNRG, Dance, Megamix
Time – 66:33
Format – MP3 192 Kbps CBR
Size – 92 Mb

Mixed Tracklist:
[01] Italoconnection – Metropoli
[02] Birizdo I Am – Keep The 80s Alive (Extended Version)
[03] Etolie Vipe – Better Than You (Michael Nolen Maxi Mix)
[04] Digitalo – Never Say Never (ZYX Extended Version)
[05] Talking Eyes feat. Stylove – Computerized Love (Extended Version)
[06] Brian Ice – On The Moon (Vocal Version)
[07] Joy Peters – Asian Heart (Maxi Version)
[08] Nation In Blue – Dancing On My Own (Extended)
[09] Synergic Silence Feat. Fred Ventura – Love Is My Answer (New Silvi’s Remix)
[10] Joey Mauro Pres. Fred Ventura – You And I (Vocal Version)
[11] Jaber DJ – Search For You (INTRO)
[12] Electro Potato – Disconight (Special ZYX Version)
[13] Jaber DJ – Search For You (Vocal Version)
[14] The Crosslines – I Can Feel Your Body (In The Night) (Maxi Version)
[15] Siberian Heat – Pick Up The Phone (ZYX Summer Mix) 

DJ Divine – ZYX Italo Disco Mix 3 (69')

01-TQ Feat. John Sauli – Leave It All Behind (Extended Version)
02-Lian Ross feat. Mode One – Game Of Love (Extended Mix)
03-Savage – And You Are (Flashback Remix)
04-Ian Coleen Feat. Nabil – Promise Me (ZYX Special Classic Version)
05-Brian Krause – This Love Is Forever (ZYX Special Mix)
06-Galera feat. Josephine Sweett – Sometimes
07-Mirko Hirsch – The Power Of Desire (Extended Version)
08-Cristina Manzano – Only Dreams (Extended Edit)
09-Cristina Manzano – Stay With Me (Extended Version)
10-Ken Laszlo – Dancing Together (Vocal Version)
11-Magic System DJ – Up & Down
12-Digitalo – Russian Man (ZYX Extended Version)
13-NEA! – Puppet In The Box (Maxi Version)
14-Night In Wales – Your Are My Reason (Extended Version) 

DJ Divine – ZYX Italo Disco Mix 2 (62')

01-Digital Emotion – Full Control
02-Steve Burbon Project feat. Mirko Hirsch – The Vibe (Extended Version)
03-Vanello & Martin Blix – Vagabondo (Album Version)
04-Ryan Paris – Parisienne Girl (Eddy Remix)
05-Ryan Paris feat. Franca Morgan – I Wanna Love You Once Again (80s Dance Mix)
06-Limelight – Remember My Love (Extended Version)
07-Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Ryan Paris – All Around (80s Mix Long Version)
08-TQ – Let’s Go To Tokyo (Axel Remix)
09-Rick De Moore – Flash On The Floor (Extended Version)
10-Ken Laszlo – S.O.S. (Vocal Version)
11-TQ & Linda Jo Rizzo – Out Of The Shadow (Extended)
12-Peter Wilson – Brokenhearted (Extended)
13-Peter Wilson – The Game Of Love (Extended Dub)
14-Zion & Kristian Conde – 80s Come Back To Us (Extended Version)