DJ Franco Meraldi – Millennium Mix(A Story Of Music) (61')

Special music mix running through the history of “dance” music.
From Gershwin to House, some famous tracks highlight several pioneers in sound and style.
Remember, this mix is made in December 1999 as a celebration of the turning millennium,
so no tracks after that period are used(logically). Of course a lot of(other) popular
tracks could be used. To keep it exclusive I went for less obvious tracks.

-Not completely chronological – Digitally recorded (from vinyl and cd)
-Dynamic sound (non normalized / no clipping) – Distortion is from the original records (some wear)
-Some titles contain more that one release(Dub versions, B-sides, ect.)

The audio is hand-mixed without any computer aid. The mixed fragments were recorded on minidisc.
Then put together by deleting excessive heads and tails. It’s the same method used when recording on open reel tape.
So the mix moves forward as it is recorded and builds up in a natural way.
I do think that mixing that way results in a more “biological” flow.

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DJ Franco Meraldi – Millennium Mix(A Story Of Music) (61′)

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