DJ Jii Pee – Italo Flashback Mix 2 (31')

2.For Your Love -AIRPLAY   
3.Malice & Vice-MOZZART   
4.Beach Love-ROFO   
5.Vision Of Love-DJ’S PROJECT   
6.Hey You-SQUASH GANG   
7.Remix Of Disko To-CLIB CLUB   
8.Red For Love-GRANT MILLER   
9.Are You Loving-BRAND IMAGE   
10.Love In Your Eyes-HUMPHREY ROBERTSON   
11.Loving You Forever-MC BRIAN   
12.Only For Love -DJ’S PROJECT   
13.Do You Want Me-SAUVAGE   
14.Come And Dance-DISCO SERVICE   

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DJ Jii Pee – Italo Flashback Mix 2 (31′)

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DJ Jii Pee – Flashback Mix 80's (41')

1.Loverboy-BILLY OCEAN   
2.Americanos-HOLLY JOHNSON   
3.Don’t You Want Me-HUMAN LEAGUE   
4.Tell It To My Heart-TAYLOR DAYNE   
5.Where Were You Last Night-ANKIE BAGGER   
6.You Came-KIM WILDE   
7.Downtown’88-PETULA CLARK   
9.I Beg Your Pardon-KON KAN   
10.Living On My Own-FREDDIE MERCURY   
11.Lay All Your Love On Me-INFORMATION SOCIETY   
12.It’s A Sin-PET SHOP BOYS   
13.Total Eclipse Of The Heart-NICKI FRENCH   
14.Desire-PAUL PARKER   
15.Forever Young (Dance mix)-ALPHAVILLE   

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DJ Jii Pee – Flashback Mix 80’s (41′)

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DJ Jii Pee – 80's Italo Classics Party Mix Vol.1 (47')

1.Full moon in Hong Kong-NUMERO UNO   
2.Big in Japan-ALPHAVILLE   
3.Can delight-MY MINE   
4.Hey hey-RADIORAMA   
5.Forever lovers-ITALIAN BOYS   
6.Aliens-    RADIORAMA   
7.La Colegiala-TONY ESPOSITO   
8.Tarzan boy-BALTIMORA   
9.Don’t cry tonight-SAVAGE   
10.Love at first-JOE YELLOW   
11.Only you-SAVAGE   
12.Talking to the night-BRIAN ICE   
13.I like chopin-GAZEBO LASZLO   
16.Bad boy-DEN HARROW   
18.How old are you?-MIKO MISSION   
19.Don’t talk about it-SWAN   
20.Disco band-SCOTCH   
21.Heigh ho-FABIAN NESTI   
22.For your love-ALBERT ONE   
23.From me to you-SILVER POZZOLI   

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DJ Jii Pee – 80’s Italo Classics Party Mix Vol.1 (47′)

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