DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-2 (Vinyl 2)(11'15'')(8'47'')(7'58'')(5'22'')(6'39'')

DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-2-V.A.Sexual Healing (Vinyl 2)(Side 1)
A1-Sexual Healing-DJ Mix by Bizzie Bee
A1.1–Amii Stewart-Friends    
A1.2–Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing    
A1.3–Midnight Star-Curious    
A1.4–Gregory Abbott-Shake You Down    
A1.5–Eugene Wilde-Gotta Get You Home Tonight    
A1.6–Kool & The Gang-Cherish    
A1.7–Michael Jackson-Human Nature 
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DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-2-V.A.Strip That Perfect Beat (Vinyl 2)(Side 1)
A2-Strip That Perfect Beat-DJ Mix by Mike Gray
A2.1–Dead Or Alive-You Spin Me Round    
A2.2–New Order-Blue Monday    
A2.3–Japan-Quiet Life    
A2.4–Duran Duran-Planet Earth    
A2.5–Divine-You Think You’re A Man    
A2.6–Man To Man-Male Stripper    
A2.7–Bronski Beat-Hit That Perfect Beat    


DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-2-V.A.Def & Dumb (Vinyl 2)(Side 2)
B1-Def & Dumb-DJ Mix by Chad Jackson
B1.1–Steinski & Mass Media-We’ll Be Right Back    
B1.2–D.J. Scott La Rock-A Word From Our Sponsor    
B1.3–Kraftwerk-Sex Object    
B1.4–2 Live Crew-Check It Out Y’all    
B1.5–Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce-It’s My Beat    
B1.6–Masters Of Ceremony-Sexy    
B1.7–Salt & Pepa-My Mike Sounds Nice    
B1.8–K-Rob-I’m A Homeboy    
B1.9–Stetsasonic-4 Ever My Beat    
B1.10–Heavy D & The Boyz-Mr. Big Stuff    
B1.11–D.J. Polo & Kool G. Rap-It’s A Demo    
B1.12–T. La Rock-Back To Burn    
B1.13–Worse’em-Triple, Bass    
B1.14–Mantronix-Electronic Energy Of…    
B1.15–Schoolly D-Saturday Night    

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DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-2-Madonna-La Isla Bonita (Vinyl 2)(Side 2)
B2–Madonna-La Isla Bonita(The Prima-Madonna)-Remix by Peter Slaghuis

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DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-2-Candido-Jingo (Vinyl 2)(Side 2)
B3–Candido-Jingo(The Spaghetti Mix)-Remix by Lucio Vanelli

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