DJ Modor – The Ben Liebrand Hitmedley Cool Mix 2 (2012) (9')

To celebrate almost 8000(!) views of the Ben Liebrand medley part 1, I am proud to present to you my new project: the Ben Liebrand Hitmedley part 2 (Best and the rest-the final chapter?!), I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it, This medley has been specially made for the fans!

DJ Modor, from YouTube:
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

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DJ Modor – The Ben Liebrand Hitmedley Cool Mix 1 (2011) (8')

1.-intro Styles & give me an answer-spoken word samples including Sexy thing-Hot chocolate)
2.-Sting-an English man in NY
3.-Punchy- here I come,
4.-Marshall Hain-Dancing in the city,
5.-Phil Collins- In the air tonight
6.-Crocket’s theme (including sucker dj-acapella rap)
7.-Daryl Hall& John Oates- I can’t go for that,
8.-the Art of noise- Paranoimia ’89
9.-Bill Withers -lovely day,
10.-Ben Liebrand – I wish,
11.-Grandmaster Flash-White lines,
13.-Ben Liebrand – Eve of the war,
14.-Alf-Ben Liebrand,
16.-Trammps-Disco inferno,
17.-Son of Godzilla- Cristal palace,
19.-Jam & Spoon- Find me
20.-Ben Liebrand – Music & passion,
21.-Holiday-Mc Micker G & Dj Sven
22.-Outro (including Powerdrive, Miami vice & Richard Burton spoken word samples)

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