DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90's 4 (72')

01.Mr President – I give you my heart (Extended mix)
02.Blue System – Thank goog friday night
03.Masterboy – Feel the fire
04.Whigfield – I want to love
05.Ice Mc – Give me the light
06.T Spoon – Take me too the limit (Happy extended club mix)
07.Patric – Love me (Capella mix)
08.Capella – U & Me (House mix)
09.2 Unlimited – Tribal dance (Extended mix)
10.Captain Hollywood – Only with you (Dance mix)
11.Technotronic – Hey yoh here we go (Clubbin 12″ mix)
12.Major T – Kepp the frequency clear (250Hz frequency mix)
13.Treasure 2 – Reality
14.Basic element – The promise man (Extended club mix)
15.La Bouche – You wont forget me
16.Outher Brothers – Boom boom boom boom (UK radio mix)
17.Livin Joy – Dreamer (Original club mix)
18.Alex Party – Dont give me your life (Classic Alex party mix)
19.Tony Di Bart – The Real thing ( New 7″mix)
20.Urban Cookie Collective – The key the secret
21.Sweetbox – Shakalaka (Hot pants disco mix)
22.Take That – Relight my fire
23.The Original – I luv you baby
24.Double You – Part time lover
25.Mc Sar Feat The Real Mccoy – Automatic lover (Trans euro mix)
26.Unit Feat Red bone – Move your body
27.2 Raff – Dont stop the music (Raffnek ragga 12″ mix)
28.Paradisio – Bailando (Original disco teca drumms)
29.The Free – Lovletter frome space (Dance mix)
30.Masterboy – Show me colurs (Maxi mix)
31.Cher – All or nothing (Metro mix)
32.Odyssey – Tal to me
33.Whigfield – Last Christmas (MBRG version)
34.Alexia – The summer is crazy (Classic euro mix)
35.Ice Mc Feat Alexia – Dark night rider (Single version)
36.Blue System – Laila (Airplay mix)
37Technotronic Feat Dasy Dee – Are you ready
38.Culture Beat – Take me away (Aboria euro mix)
39.Loona – Mambooleo
40.Kylie Minogue – Your Disco Needs You (Casino Radio & Club Mix)
41.2 Brothers on the 4th floor – Never alone (Extended euro mix)
42.Kim Wilde – Who do you think you are
43.Hand In Hand For Children – Children need a helping hand
44.Madonna – Secret (Junior’s Luscios Single Mix)
45.X Perience – I dont care

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DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90’s 4 (72′)

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DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90's 3 (71')

01.East 17- House Of Love (Pedigree Mix)
02.Londonbeat – You Bring On The Sun (7′ Mix)
03.M People – Moving On Up (M People Master Mix)
04.N Trance – D.I.S.C.O (Extended Versio)
05.Dj Bobo – Somebody Dance With Me (Radio Edit)
06.Real Mccoy – Another Night (Club Mix)
07.Everything But The Girl – Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
08.Whigfield – Sexy Eyes (David’s Epic Experience Mix)
09.Prince Ital Joe Feat Marky Mark – Happy People (Extended Mix)
10.Le Click – Don’t Go (Radio Mix)
11.Culture Beat – Pay No Mind (Radio Edit)
12.Phil Fuldner – The Final (Novy Vs Eniac Club Mix)
13.R.O.O.S – Instant Moments (Radio Edit)
14.Tank – Return Of Power (Radio Edit)
15.Mark Van Dale With Enrico – Water Wave (Radio Edit)
16.Red 5 – I Love You Stop (Radio Edit)
17.Dj Quicksilver – Belissima (Radio Edit)
18.Blue System – Dr Mabuse (Maxi Edit)
19.Atisha – Secret Of The Night (Extended Version)
20.2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor – Let Me Be Free (Radio Edit)
21.Gina G – Ooh Aah… Just Little Beat (Motive8 Extended Vocal Mix)
22.Tanja Evans – Prisoner Of Love (Extended Mix)
23.Dr Alban – Let The Beat Go On (Long Mix)
24.Dj Bobo – Love Is Allround (Extended Mix)
25.Imperio – The Night Is Magic (Radio Edit)
26.Ice Mc – Russian Roulette (Radio Edit)
27.Alexia – Me And You (Extended Mix)
28.La Bouche – I Love To Love (Radio Edit)
29.Masterboy – Anybody ( Friends Mix)
30.Culture Beat – Anything (Album Versio)
31.Worlds Apart – Baby Come Back (Extended Mix)
32.Loft – It’s Raining Again (Extended Mix)
33.Masterboy – Is This The Love (Radio Edit)
34.Men Behind – How Can I (Extended mix)
35.Activate – I Say Wath I Want (Video Versio)
36.Nomansland – Sevene Seconds (Extended Versio)
37.Future Breez – Keep The Fire Burnin (Club Mix)
38.Three N’ One – Reflect
39.Kai Tracid – Dance For Eternety
40.Dj Tomcraft – The Circle
41.Pharao – The Temple Of Love (A Long Night In The Themple Mix)
42.Marusha – Free Love
43.Dr Motte And Westbam – Love Parade 98

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DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90’s 3 (71′)

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DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90's, 1 (75')

1.Diana King – Shy Guy
2.Marquis feat. Brixx – The Rain
3.Hip Hop Alliance – Nothing like VIVA
4.East 17 – Hold my body tight
5.Rob’N’RAZ – Take Ride
6.Centory feat. Trey D. – Girl You Know It’s True
7.Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack
8.Lyte Funkie Ones – (Sex U Up) The Way You Like It
9.Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
10.Fun Factory – Celebration
11.Mr. President – Coco Jamboo
12.Ace Of Base – The Sign
13.Take That – Pray
14.E-Rotic – Help Me Dr. Dick
15.Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy
16.Down Low – Hit Me Right
17.Flip Da Scrip – Everybody Funk Now
18.Fresh ‘N Funky – Pop Rock Soul Funk Forever
19.Spice Girls – Wannabe
20.Heath Hunter & Pleasure Company – Revolution in Paradise
21.Masterboy – Mister Feeling
22.Backstreet Boys – We’ve Got It Goin’ On
23.Backstreet Boys – Get Down
24.N’Sync – I Want You Back
25.Beat System – Fresh
26.C & C Music Factory – Gonna make you sweat
27.London Beat – I?ve Been Thinking About You
28.Solid Harmonie – Got 2 Have Ya
29.Mc Miker G. And Dj Sven – Holiday Rap
30.Sultan – Every Little Move…
31.Touche – I Want You Back, I Want Your Heart (Radio Edit 3)
32.Diana Ross – Take me higher
33.Cece Peniston – Finaly (7″ mix)
34.Dr Alban – Sing Halleluja
35.Wes – Alane
36.Freddy Mercury – Living on my on
37.Haddaway – What i slove
38.No Mercy – Missing
39.Dr Alban – Its my life
40.Haddaway – Life
41.Snap – Rhythm is a dancer (7″ mix)
42.Dj Bobo – Keep On dancing
43.Captain Hollywood – More and More
44.K Da Cruze – Energy
45.Corona – Try Me Out (Lee Marrow Eurobeat Mix)
46.Maxx – Get away
47.Loona – Bailando
48.Culture Beat – Mr. Vain (Vain Mix)
49.Playahitty – Summer Is Magic
50.Cappella – U Got 2 Let The Music (Pagany KM 1972 Mix)
51.Corona – Baby Baby
52.Ice Mc – Think About The Way (Extended mix)
53.La Bouche – Be My Lover (Club Mix)
54.Le Click – Tonight is the night (Radio Edit)
55.Double You – Run To Me (Original extended mix)
56.Loop feat. Katarina Witt,Melanie Thorthon,Joan Faulkner,- Skate with me
57.J.K.- My Radio (M.B.R.G. Radio mix)
58.Love Message – love message (United Maxi Mix)
59.Loft – Mallorca (Extended Beach Mix)
60.Culture Beat – Crying In The Rain (Extended Version)
61.Masterboy – Feel The Hit of the night

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DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90’s, 1 (75′)

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DJ Rolee – The Rhythm Of The 90's, 2 (126')

2.Magic Affair – Omen III (Maxi Version) 1993
3.C.B. Milton – It’s a Loving thing 1994
4.Me & My – Baby Boy (Radio Version) 1995
5.Texture – Over The Night (Euro Mix) 1996
6.Corona – I Don’t Wanna Be A Star (Lee Marrow Eurobeat Mix) 1995
7.Culture Beat – Got To Get It (Extended Album Mix) 1994
8.Masterboy – I Got To Give It Up 1994
9.Haddaway – Rock My Heart (Extended Mix) 1994
10.2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Fly (Extended Version) 1995
11.DJ Bobo – Take Control 1994
12.2 For Good – You And Me (Extended Version) 1997
13.Dr. Alban – Look Who’s Talking (Long) 1994
14.Cappella – Move on baby 1994
15.Loft – Hold On (Respect Maximum Mix) 1993
16.Ice Mc – It’s A Rainy Day (Euro Club Mix) 1994
17.Orlando – I’m dreaming (Unsleeping Beat remix) 1995
18.Fourteen 14 – Don’t Leave Me (Extended Mix) 1994
19.Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night (Space RMX feat. Ice MC) 1994
20.Cobra – Born 2 love u (Radio cut) 1995
21.Unique II – Take It (Album version) 1996
22.La Bouche – Sweet Dreams (Club Mix) 1994
23.B.G. The Prince Of Rap – The Colour Of My Dreams (Dreamedia Mix 94) 1994
24.Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) 1993
25.Activate – Save Me (Birch & Chris remix) 1995
26.Mr. President – Up’n Away(Extended Mix) 1994
27.Netzwerk – Memories (Extended version) 1995
28.Urgent C – Wish You Were Here 1995
29.DJ Bobo – I Know What I Want 1994
30.Fun Factory – Take Your Chance (Take The Original Mix) 1994
31.Mo Do – Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Gendarmerie Mix) 1994
32.2 Unlimited – No Limit (Extended Mix) 1992
33.Magic Force – Body & Soul
34.Mr John – It’s Not To Late
35.Tenessee – Tell Me (Mix Version) 1995
36.Indra – Anywhere (Extended Version) 1995
37.Captain Hollywood – Love And Pain (Maxi Mix) 1996
38.100% – Power Of The Light (Radio Edit) 1994
39.The Real Mccoy – Run away (Club Attack mix) 1994
40.Amadin – U Make Me Feel Alright (Extended version) 1994
41.Fun Factory – Doh Wah Diddy (Dee Dee Fun-Tastic Extended) 1995
42.Bed & Breakfast – You Made Me Believe In Magic (Club Mix) 1995
43.Loft – Love is magic (Original Version) 1994
44.Joan and John – Jungle 1994
45.Captain Hollywood – Imposible (New Extended Version) 1993
46.Maxx – No More (I Can’t Stand It) (Club Mix) 1994
47.Africa Bambata – Feel the vibe
48.Antarase – Ride on a meteorite (Extended Mix) 1995
49.Sandy – Bad Boy (Dwa Long Mix) 1995
50.Alexia – Number one (Euro Mix) 1996
51.J.K. – You and I (Club Remix) 1994
52.Unlimited Nation – Move Your Body (Energy dance remix) 1996
53.Decadance – Save my soul (Extended Version) 1994
54.Imperio – Quo vadis (Extended Version) 1995
55.E Rotic – Sex on the phone (Extended version) 1995
56.Captain Jack – Captain Jack (Peacecamp Mix) 1996
57.Bootsy Collins feat. MC Lyte – I`m Leavin` U (Gotta Go, Gotta Go) 1997
58.Lutricia Mcneal – Aint That Just The Way (Original radio version) 1997
59.Black Attack – Heartless (Radio Version) 1997
60.TLC – Creep (1995)
61.Salt’N’Pepa – Shoop (Radio remix) 1993
62.Chariff – I Love Your Smile (HAPPINESS REMIX) 1992
63.C-Block – Time Is Tickin’ Away 1997
64.Down Low – Johnny B (Maxi Mix) 1997
65.2 Pac – California Love (Long Radio Edit) 1995
66.C-Block – So Strung Out (Extended Version) 1996
67.Blue System – Body To Body 1996
68.Fun Factory – I wanna b with u (Extended version) 1995
69.Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper (Heartical mix) 1994
70.Dj Bobo – Everybody (Radio version) 1994
71.Real McCoy – Love & Devotion (Club Mix) 1995
72.De La Soul – Ring, Ring, Ring (Ha Ha Hey) (Party Line Mix) 1991
73.Deetah – El Paradiso Rico 1998
74.Backstreet Boys – Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart 1995
75.Vengaboys – We’re Going To Ibiza 1999
76.Will Smith – Men In Black 1997
77.George Michael – Fastlove 1996
78.Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) 1997
79.M. J. – Remember The Time (1992)
80.Mariah Carey – Make It Happen (1992)
81.Spike – It Takes Two (Deeper Love) (Radio Cut) 1999
82.Daniel Aminati – Turn me up 1996
83.Funky Diamonds – I Know That You Want Me (Long Edit) 1997
84.Marky Mark – Hey Dj (Radio Version) 1996
85.Ragga 2 Sunshine – Jambo, Jambo, Jambo (Ligi Digi Maxi Mix) 1994
86.Snap – Cult of SNAP (World Power Radio Mix) 1990
87.N – Trance Feat. Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’ m Sexy (Extended Version) 1997
88.Ex-It – Night Fever (Club 7 Mix) 1996
89.The KLF – Justified And Ancient All Bounds For Mumuland 1991
90.Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence 1990
91.Whitney Houston – Im every woman 1993
92.Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul 1998

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