DMC 31, The Mixes – August 85 (Vinyl) (11'44'')(13'41'')(9'14'')(10'41'')(5'09")

DMC 31, The Mixes – August 85-Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly-A-Maze-Ing Mega (Vinyl) (Side 1)
A1–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-A-Maze-Ing Mega-Dj Mix(Megamix) – The Mix Doctor(Les Adams)
A1.1–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Joy & Pain  
A1.2–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-You  
A1.3–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Southern Girl  
A1.4–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Before I Let Go  
A1.5–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Twilight  
A1.6–Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Back In Stride (Remix)  
BPM 109-114 

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DMC 31, The Mixes – August 85-Various-Dance Mix (Vinyl) (Side 1)
A2–Various-Dance Mix-Dj Mix(Megamix) – The Judge(Alan Coulthard)
A2.1–Eurythmics-There Must Be An Angel(Playing With My Heart)   
A2.2–Five Star-Let Me Be The One   
A2.3–The Cool Notes-In Your Car   
A2.4–Simply Red-Money’s Too Tight To Mention   
A2.5–Steve Arrington-Dancin’ In The Key Of Life   
A2.6–Madonna-Into The Groove   
A2.7–Yazoo-Situation (Remix)   
A2.8–Harold Faltermeyer-Axel F (Remix)   
A2.9–D. Train-You’re The One For Me (Remix)   
BPM 114-120 
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DMC 31, The Mixes – August 85-Various-Summer Soca (Vinyl) (Side 2)
B1–Various-Summer Soca-Dj Mix(Megamix) – The Mix Doctor(Les Adams)
B1.1–Arrow-Long Time   
B1.2–Arrow-Hot Hot Hot   
B1.4–The Gramacks-Hot Music(La Fiesta)   
B1.5–Arrow-Long Time   
B1.6–Candido-Jingo(Accapella Chant)   
B1.7–The Bongos Gang-Oye Como Va (Accapella Chant)   
BPM 124 
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DMC 31, The Mixes – August 85-Various-Q To The Break (Vinyl) (Side 2)
B2–Various-Q To The Break-Dj Mix(Megamix) – Steve Gladders
B2.1–Sandy Mercer-Work Your Body   
B2.2–Hot Streak-Body Work   
B2.3–Q-The Voice Of Q   
B2.4–Forrest-Rock The Boat   
B2.5–La Fleur-Boogie Nights   
B2.6–Eddy & The Soul Band-Theme From Shaft   
B2.7–T Connection-Do What You Wanna Do   
B2.8–Michael Jackson-Don’t Stop(Yill You Get Enough)   
B2.9–George Kranz-Din Daa Daa   
B2.10–Arrow-Hot Hot Hot   
B2.11–Arrow-Long Time   
B2.12–Edwin Starr-Contact   
B2.13–Gonzales-Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet   
B2.14–Kat Mandu-The Break   
BPM 121-133 
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DMC 31, The Mixes – August 85-Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne-Dance Accross The Floor (Vinyl) (Side 2)
B3–Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne-Dance Accross The Floor-Remix – Sanny X(Sanny Xenokottas)
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DMC 13, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club February 1984 (17'30'')(14'37'')(28'55'')(7'58'')

DMC 13, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club February 1984-Micmacmegamix Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson (Side 1) (17’30”)
A-0–DMC Disco Mix Jingle   
The Micmacmegamix Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
A-1.1–Paul And Michael-Say Say Say   
A-1.2–Michael-Billie Jean   
A-1.4–Michael-Don’t Stop (Til You Get Enough)   
A-1.5–Michael-Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’   
A-1.7–Michael-Workin’ Day & Night   
A-1.8–Michael-Get On The Floor   
A-1.9–Paul & Michael-Goodnight Tonight   
A-1.10–Paul-Band On The Run   
A-1.12–Paul-Junior’s Farm   
A-1.13–Paul-Comin’ Up   
A-1.14–Paul-Temporary Secret   
A-1.15–Paul & Michael-The Man   
DJ Mix (Megamix) – Alan Coulthard
BPM 118-132
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DMC 13, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club February 1984-Salsa Megamix (Side 1) (14’37”)
A-2.0–DMC Disco Mix Jingle   
The Salsa Megamix 
A-2.1–Modern Romance-Best Years Of Our Lives   
A-2.2–Modern Romance-Everybody Salsa   
A-2.3–Antonia Rodriguez-La Bamba   
A-2.4–Joe Bataan-The Bottle (La Botella)   
A-2.5–Lenny Zakatek-Say I Love You   
A-2.6–Modern Romance-Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey   
A-2.7–Blue Rondo A La Turk-Me And Mrs Sanchez   
A-2.8–Thunderthumbs And The Toetsenman-Freedom   
A-2.9–Baby O-In The Forrest   
A-2.10–Candido-Jingo / Jingo Breakdown   
DJ Mix (Megamix) – Steve Gladders
BPM 119-127
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DMC 13, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club February 1984-Frankie Goes To Swansea (Side 2) (7’58”)    
B-0–DMC Disco Mix Jingle   
Frankie Goes To Swansea
B-1–Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax
DJ Mix – Alan Coulthard
BPM 115.5 
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DMC 13, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club February 1984-HI-NRG-83 (Side 2) (28’55”)
B-2.0–DMC Disco Mix Jingle   
B-2.1–Irene Cara-Flashdance (What A Feeling)   
B-2.2–Divine-Love Reaction (Blue Monday)   
B-2.3–New Order-The Beach   
B-2.5–Sylvester-Don’t Stop   
B-2.6–Sylvester-Band Of Gold   
B-2.7–Gloria Gaynor-I Am What I Am   
B-2.8–Miquel Brown-He’s A Saint, He’s A Sinner   
B-2.9–Miquel Brown-So Many Men, So Little Time   
B-2.10–Hazell Dean-Searchin’ (I’ve Gotta Find A Man)   
B-2.11–Marsha Raven-Catch Me (I’m Fallin’ In Love)   
B-2.12–Norma Lewis-Maybe This Time   
B-2.14–Sharon Redd-In The Name Of Love (Remix)   
B-2.15–The Weather Girls-It’s Raining Men   
DJ Mix (Megamix) – Alan Coulthard
BPM 125-135

Before each mix comes the DMC Jingle.
Track and artist on track A2.8 are mixed up on the cover – corrected here.

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