DJ Willieb – Rihanna Power Mix 2016 (47')

1.Only girl in the world [Rihanna party break] – RIHANNA/Nine1FourHitSquad   
2.Please dont stop the music [MJ mashup] – RIHANNA/Michael Jackson/Disco-Tech   
3.Please dont stop the music [7 Nation Army Mashup] – RIHANNA/White Stripes/David S
4.DIsturbia – RIHANNA   
5.We found love [Heavy D segway] – RIHANNA/Heavy D/Calvin Harris/Flo-Rida   
6.S&M [Britney remix] – RIHANNA/Britney Spears   
7.Who’s that chick – RIHANNA/David Guetta   
8.Where you have been [remix] – RIHANNA/Flo-Rida   
9.Fly this love – RIHANNA/Nicki Minaj   
10.Take care [Mike D remix] – RIHANNA/Drake   
11.Turn up the music – RIHANNA/Chris Brown   
12.Umbrella [130-87 transition] – RIHANNA/Disco-Tech/Jay-Z   
13.Umbrella [Travis Barker drum remix] – RIHANNA/Jay-Z/Travis Barker   
14.Talk that talk – RIHANNA/Jay-Z   
15.Rude boy [Diggz re-work] – RIHANNA/Danny Diggz   
16.Run this town – RIHANNA/Kanye West   
17.Love the way you lie – RIHANNA/Eminem   
18.Hard – RIHANNA/Yung Jeezy   
19.Diamonds [djwillieb Kanye segway] – RIHANNA/Kanye West/djwillieb   
20.Hate that you love me – RIHANNA/Ne-Yo   

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DJ Willieb – Rihanna Power Mix 2016 (47′)

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DJ Willieb – Madonna MegaMix (42')

2.vogue (acapella in)       
3.4 minutes [savior remix]       
4.causing a commotion [12″ remix]       
5.into the groove [remix] a prayer [dance remix] your heart [12″ remix] yourself       
10.borderline [remix]       
11.what a virgin [12″ remix]       
12.lucky star (hey mr d.j.) against the music       
15.papa don’t preach       
16.gimme your love [remix]       
17.angel [12″ remix]       
18.material girl       
19.dress you up (in my love)       
20.true blue [12″ remix]       

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DJ Willieb – Madonna MegaMix (42′)

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