Feten Boot Mix 2(2CD's) (1999)

01-Radio Edit (3:54)
1.1–K.W.S.-Please Don’t Go    
1.2-Patty Ryan-You’re My Love (My Life)    
1.3–Sandy Marton-People From Ibiza    
1.4–Fun Fun-Color My Life    
1.5–Fancy-Fools Cry    
1.6–Grant Miller-Colder Than Ice    


02–Extended Mix (16:42)
2.1–K.W.S.-Please Don’t Go    
2.2–Patty Ryan-You’re My Love (My Life)    
2.3–Sandy Marton-People From Ibiza    
2.5–Fun Fun-Color My Life    
2.7–Lian Ross-Fantasy    
2.8–Laserdance-Humanoid Invasion    
2.9–Fancy-Fools Cry    
2.10–Grant Miller-Colder Than Ice
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Feten Boot Mix 2(2CD’s) (1999)

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Feten Boot Mix 1(2CD's) (1998)

01–Radio Version (3:58)
1.1–Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita    
1.2–Silent Circle-Touch In The Night    
1.3–Fun Fun-Happy Station    
1.4–Kano-Another Life    
1.5–Michael Bedford-More Than Kiss    
1.6–Whigfield-Saturday Night 
02–Extended Version (16:02)
2.1–Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita    
2.2–Silent Circle-Touch In The Night    
2.3–Fun Fun-Happy Station    
2.4–Kano-Another Life    
2.5–Michael Bedford-More Than Kiss    
2.6–Fancy Feat. Steve D5 And Grandmaster Tess-Slice Me Nice/S.L.I.C.E.    
2.7–Joy Peters-Don’t Lose Your Heart    
2.8–Whigfield-Saturday Night    
2.9–Corona-Rhythm Of The Night    
2.10–Caught In The Act-Love Is Everywhere 
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Feten Boot Mix 1(2CD’s) (1998)

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