DMC 4, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club May 1983 (29'57'')(18'46'')(15'16'')

DMC 4, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club May 1983-The Imagination Megamix (Side 1) (15’16”)
A1–Imagination-The Imagination Megamix   
A1.1–Imagination-Body Talk   
A1.2–Imagination-In And Out Of Love   
A1.3–Imagination-In The Heat Of The Night   
A1.4–Imagination-Music & Lights   
A1.5–Imagination-So Good So Right   
A1.6–Imagination-Just An Illusion   
A1.8–Imagination-Burnin’ Up   
A1.10–Imagination-Looking At Midnight   
BPM : 86 – 102 – 114
(Note : Members wishing to keep the tempo up should start the mix from the 102 BPM section, I.E. “Music & Lights”)
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DMC 4, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club May 1983-The Pop Mix (Side 1) (18’46”)
A2–Various-“The Pop Mix”   
A2.1–Duran Duran-Is There Something I Should Know ?   
A2.2–Tears For Fears-Pale Shelter   
A2.3–Eurythmics-Love Is A Stranger   
A2.4–Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This   
A2.5–Thompson Twins-We Are Detective   
A2.6–New Order-Blue Monday   
A2.7–Heaven 17-Temptation   
A2.8–Culture Club-Church Of The Poison Mind   
123-131 BPM
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DMC 4, Tape 1 – Disco Mix Club May 1983-Floorfillers Vol. 04 (Side 2) (29’57”)
B–Various-“30 Minute Floorfiller”-DJ Mix – Alan Coulthard
B.1–New Edition-Candy Girl   
B.2–Fatback-Is This The Future   
B.3–Indeep-When Boys Talk   
B.4–Craig Peyton-Be Thankful For What You’ve Got   
B.5–Warp 9-Light Years Away (Dub Mix)   
B.6–Galaxy-Dancin’ Tight   
B.7–Weeks & Co-If You’re Lookin’ For Fun   
B.8–Neil Lockwood-Tell Tale Heart    
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