C&C Music Factory Production – reMiXLoGic (73')

C&C Music Factory – Robert Cliviles & David Cole – yes, they are also here. This is what they produced as 7″ singles.

1 The SOUL SYSTEM It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Radio Mix) 98.1 4:49
2 Seduction (You’re My One And Only) True Love (Soft Sell Radio Mix) 104.5 3:57
3 Taylor Dayne Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love 108.2 4:26
4 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Let the beat hit ’em 111.9 4:44
5 Mariah Carey Emotions (C&C Radio Mix) 114.3 4:25
6 C+C Music Factory Gonna make you sweat 114.6 4:07
7 Michael Jackson Black Or White (House With Guitar Radio Mix) 117.0 3:51
8 Robbie Nevil Somebody Like You (Radio Dance Mix) 118.1 4:28
9 Dina Carroll Special Kind Of Love (Radio Mix) 119.1 3:28
10 New Kids On The Block Call It What You Want (C&C Pump It Mix) 120.4 4:11
11 Samantha Fox Pleasure Zone 120.8 4:38
12 Whitney Houston I’m Every Woman (Every Woman’s House-Club Mix Radio Edit) 121.5 4:42
13 Stacey Q Give You All My Love (Hot Version) 121.6 3:31
14 C+C Music Factory Just a Touch of Love (Everyday) 121.8 4:00
15 Aretha Franklin A Deeper Love (C+C Radio Mix) 122.0 4:34
16 Jim Carrey Cuban Pete (C&c Pop Radio Edit) 123.8 3:34
17 Natalie Cole Pink Cadillac (7” Turbo Mix) 123.8 4:08
18 Donna Summer Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 7” Mix) 124.1 4:25
19 Clivilles & Cole Pride (In The Name Of Love) 128.6 3:38

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C&C Music Factory Production – reMiXLoGic (73′)

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DJ David Morales – reMiXLoGic 1 (71')

1-Shabba Ranks-Mr. Loverman (radio mix) 86.3 3:40
2-The Brand New Heavies-Dream On Dreamer (Morales 7-Inch) 95.0 3:56
3-Simply Red-Something Got Me Started (David Morales Radio Edit)
4-Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown-Always There (edit) 115.1 3:36
5-Neneh Cherry-Kisses On The Wind (David Morales Remix Edit) 117.2 4:13
6-Pet Shop Boys-So Hard (David Morales radio mix) 119.9 3:37
7-Ce Ce Peniston-Finally (7” Choice Mix) 120.1 4:12
8-Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson-The Best Things In Life Are Free (Classic 7” With Rap) 120.6 4:21
9-Adventures Of Stevie V-Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Sold Out Mix 7 inch edit) 120.9 4:03
10-Snap-Mary had a little boy (Remix 7” radio edit) 121.2 3:55
11-Tina Turner-GoldenEye (club edit) 121.4 4:25
12-Cerrone Feat Purlove-Mercy (David Morales Def Tribal Edit) 122.0 3:46
13-Janet Jackson-When I Think Of You (David Morales House Mix ’95 UK 7” Edit) 122.8 3:31
14-Juliet Roberts-Caught In The Middle (Def Classic Radio) 123.5 3:51
15-Technotronic-Get Up! (Def edit) 123.5 3:47
16-Jennifer Paige-Crush (David Morales radio alt intro mix) 126.0 3:36
17-Mariah Carey-I Still Believe (Morales’ Classic Club Mix Edit) 126.0 3:53
18-David Morales & Ultra Nate-Planet Called Love (Radio Mix) 127.0 3:50
19-Jaydee-Plastic Dreams (Radio Edit 1997) 129.6 3:36
 20-Mariah Carey-My All (Morales Classic Radio Edit) 126.2 4:18

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DJ David Morales –  reMiXLoGic 1 (71′)

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DJ David Morales – reMiXLoGic 3 (71')

1-Inner Circle – Sweat (A La La La La Long) (Dave Morales Remix) 86.5 3:51
2-Pet Shop Boys – How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously (David Morales New 7” Mix)
3-Inner City – Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ (Def Radio Mix) 105.5 4:16
4-De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named ‘Saturdays’ (Radio Home Mix) 113.7 3:43
5-Ace Of Base – Living In Danger (Old School Mix Short Version) 114.3 3:41
6-Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl (Classic radio mix) 119.8 4:01
7-Michael Jackson – Scream (Def Radio Mix) 119.9 3:20
8-Heavy D. & The Boyz – Now That We Found Love (Morales Radio Mix Without Rap) 120.1 4:02
9-Aretha Franklin – A Deeper Love (Morales Radio Mix) 121.7 4:24
10-Seal – Newborn Friend (Morales Radio Mix) 121.8 3:54
11-M People – One Night in Heaven (Classic radio mix) 123.0 3:55
12-Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle (Legendary Radio Mix) 123.4 4:17
13-Whitney Houston – So Emotional (David Morales Mix) 124.0 3:59
14-Enrique Iglesias – Rhythm Divine (Morales Radio Mix) 124.0 3:14
15-Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Sunshine Mix By David Morales) 125.9 4:42
16-Mariah Carey – It’s Like That (David Morales Radio Mix) 126.0 3:27
17-Cerrone – Love In C Minor (David Morales Radio Edit) 126.0 3:43
18-Gloria Estefan – Turn the Beat Around (Def radio mix) 126.1 3:51
19-Bjork – Hyperballad (David Morales Radio Edit) 126.7 3:58
20-David Morales Ft Lea Lorien – Better That U Leave (Gadjo Radio Edit) 127.0 3:17

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DJ David Morales –  reMiXLoGic 3 (71′)

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DJ David Morales – reMiXLoGic 2 (72')

1-Dial My Number (Morales Radio Mix) 82.1 3:50-Carlene Davis
2-The Rush (Morales Radio Mix) 94.0 4:00-Luther Vandross
3-Can’t Stop Loving You (7” Edit) 104.8 3:57-Richard Rogers
4-The Program (Radio Mix) 105.9 3:58-David Morales & The Bad Yard Club
5-Day And Night (Morales Radio Edit) 116.8 4:02-Novecento
6-The World Is A Ghetto (Radio Version) 117.2 4:01-Will Downing
7-Right From The Start (Fly 7” Edit) 118.1 4:19-India
8-One Man (Original Knuckles & Morales) 118.9 3:49-Chanelle
9-Let There Be Love (Dee Love Radio Edit) 120.4 3:58-Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples
10-Down That Road (Morales Edit) 120.7 3:36-Shara Nelson
11-I Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Morales Late Nite Edit) 121.7 4:46-Masters At Work
12-Big Time Sensuality (Morales Def Radio Mix) 121.9 3:34-Bjork
13-Was That All It Was (Def Mix Edit) 122.5 3:52-Kym Mazelle
14-Work It Out (Morales Classic Radio Edit) 124.6 3:45-Shiva
15-Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme) (Morales Club Mix Edit) 124.9 3:57-Mariah Carey
16-I Want You (Morales Classic Radio Mix) 126.0 3:33-Secret Life
17-Higher (Radio Mix) 127.6 4:13-David Morales & Albert Cabrera pres. Moca feat. Deanna
18-The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) (David Morales Radio Edit) 128.0 3:55-Deep Dish With Everything But The Girl
19-Higher & Higher (David Morales Reconstructed Radio) 128.0 4:03-Milk & Sugar
20-(I) Get Lost (David Morales Radio Edit) 128.1 3:47-Eric Clapton

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DJ David Morales –  reMiXLoGic 2 (72′)

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DJ ToddTerry – reMiXLoGic (66')

1-I´m Your Man (Todd Terry´s Radio Edit) 121.3 3:51-Lisa Moorish ft George Michael
2-Bitch (Todd Terry’s In House Mix Edit) 119.7 3:46-Meredith Brooks
3-Stupid Girl (Tee’s Radio Mix) 121.8 3:46-Garbage
4-Wrong (Todd Terry Remix Edit) 123.2 3:56-Everything But The Girl
5-Missing (Todd Terry Remix) 123.5 3:55-Everything But The Girl
6-Keep On Jumpin’ (Tee’s Freeze Radio Edit) 123.9 3:39-Todd Terry Feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown
7-Stranger In Moscow (Tee’s Freeze radio) 124.1 3:46-Michael Jackson
8-Sing It Back (Tee’s Radio Mix) 124.9 3:28-Moloko
9-Alane (Club Remix Short Version) 124.9 3:37-Wes
10-Lovefool (Tee’s Radio Mix) 125.0 3:22-The Cardigans
11-Dirty Cash ’97 (Todd Terry Radio Mix) 125.0 3:51-Adventures Of Stevie V
12-Driving (Todd Terry Freeze Version) 125.1 2:50-Everything But The Girl
13-Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Radio Edit) 126.1 3:53-Wham!
14-What Is Love (Todd Terry’s Tnt Radio Edit ’99) 126.8 3:10-Haddaway
15-Revenge Of The Flowers (Tee’s Radio Mix) 126.9 4:05-Malcolm Mclaren With Francoise Hardy
16-Be With You (Todd Terry Mix) 127.0 3:36-Atomic Kitten
17-Mysterious Times (Todd Terry’s radio edit) 127.0 3:28-Sash!
18-Don’t Go (Tee’s Tnt Radio Mix) 127.1 3:22-Yazoo
19-Something Goin’ On 127.9 3:36-Todd Terry Feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown
20-If (Todd Terry’s Radio Mix) 105.6 4:22-Janet Jackson

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DJ ToddTerry – reMiXLoGic (66′)

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PWL – reMiXLoGic (69')

1-Red Light (PWL 7 Mix) 83.1 3:38-Billy Ocean
2-Naked To You 100.0 4:07-Cerrone
3-I Want You Back (Pwl Remix ’88) 103.3 4:09-Jackson 5
4-Somebody Else’s Guy (’94 7′ Edit) 104.0 3:58-Jocelyn Brown
5-Love Hangover (Extended Single Version) 114.7 3:56-Diana Ross
6-Rivers Of Babylon (Radio Remix) 116.6 3:49-Boney M
7-We Don’t Talk Anymore (7” Remix) 117.8 4:38-Cliff Richard
8-The Summer Mega-Mix (Radio Version) 118.6 4:33-Boney M
9-Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Remix ’90 (Radio Edit PWL) 120.5 3:55-Santa Esmeralda
10-Jack Le Freak (Edit) 120.7 4:42-Chic
11-Feels Like I’m In Love (Pwl Remix Edit) 121.8 3:47-Kelly Marie
12-Copacabana The 1993 Remix (7” Version) 122.0 4:05-Barry Manilow
13-Celebration (S.A.W. Remix) 122.2 3:01-Kool & The Gang
14-Reach Out I’ll Be There ’88 (7” Mix) 122.3 3:10-The Four Tops
15-The Grease Megamix 125.2 4:50-John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John
16-Daddy Cool 125.3 3:32-Boney M
17-The Time Warp 127.3 4:03-Damian
18-Ymca (’93 PWL Remix) 128.2 3:47-Village People
19-Love Really Hurts Without You (7 PWL Mix) 133.0 3:21-Billy Ocean

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PWL – reMiXLoGic (69′)

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DJ Frankie Knuckles – reMiXLoGic (72')

1-Crazy ‘Bout The Man (The World Remix) 98.4 4:11-Kym Mazelle
2-Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Frankie Knuckles Hard & Sexy Radio) 101.7 4:15-Lisa Stansfield
3-Hangin’ On A String (Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit) 103.3 4:20-Loose Ends
4-Ain’t Nobody (Remix Edit) 104.7 3:21-Rufus & Chaka Khan
5-Change (Classic Radio Mix Edit) 106.0 3:55-Lisa Stansfield
6-Love Train (7” Americana Mix) 109.1 3:58-Holly Johnson
7-In The Closet (The Mission Radio Edit) 110.0 4:31-Michael Jackson
8-Rock With You (Frankie’s Favorite Club Mix Radio Edit) 114.7 3:21-Michael Jackson
9-One Man (Original Knuckles & Morales) 118.9 3:49-Chanelle
10-The Whistle Song (Original Sound Factory Radio Edit) 120.6 4:11-Frankie Knuckles
11-Someday We’ll Be Together (Def Radio Edit) 121.1 3:03-Diana Ross
12-Un-break My Heart (Frankie Knuckles Classic Radio Mix) 122.7 4:26-Toni Braxton
13-Lucky Love (Frankie Knuckles Edit) 124.0 3:42-Ace Of Base
14-You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Edit) 124.6 4:59-Michael Jackson
15-Wrong (Frankie’s Bromantic Radio Mix) 125.0 3:43-Depeche Mode
16-Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix) 126.0 3:15-Whitney Houston
17-Turn It Out (Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix) 128.0 4:03-LaBelle
18-Livin’ For Love (Frankie Knuckles Classic Radio Mix) 129.9 4:22-Natalie Cole
19-Power of Love – Love Power (The Frankie Knuckles Radio Remix) 152.3 4:17-Luther Vandross
20-I Don’t Want To (Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit) 154.6 3:53-Toni Braxton

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DJ Frankie Knuckles – reMiXLoGic (72′)

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