Ruhrpott Records – Beat Mix Eurodance, Vol. 5 (79’)

2.Beat System – Stay With Me
3.Radiorama – Beautiful Man
4.Odyssey – Talk To Me
5.Orlando – Wasting Water
6.Fun Factory – All For You
7.Ken Lazlo – When I Fall In Love
8.Solid Base – In Your Dreams
9.Magic Affair – Carry On
10.Aqua – Calling You
11.MAD – Living In A Dream
12.Estrella – Never Be Lonely
13.Radiorama – Danger
14.Taleesa – I Found Luv
15.La Cream – You
16.Solid Base – Mirror Mirror
17.Jinny – Wanna Be With You
18.Ken Lazlo – Love Things
19.Euphoric – Teach Me How To Live
20.2 Unlimited – Be Free Tonight
21.Twenty Four Seven – Keep On Trying
22.Beach Party – Night To Remember
23.Wienna – Only You
24.Radiorama – Little Bird
25.Urgent C – Wish You Were Here
26.Dancefloor Syndroma – Can´t See You
27.Logic Beat – I Wanna Cry
28.Angelina – The Power Of Love
29.E-Rotic – Angels Night
30.E-Type – Russian Lullaby
31.Captain Hollywood – Flying High
32.Miquel Serna – Over You
33.Two Powers – Tireltown In The Rain
34.Elektra – Dancing Through The Night
35.Pharao – World Of Magic
36.Orion – Dreamlover
37.Captain Hollywood – Find Another Day
38.Captain Hollywood – More & More
39.Candy Beat – Saxy
40.addaway – What Is Love
41.Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer
42.Passion Fruit – The Rigga Ding Dong Song
43.Wienna – Looking For Love
44.Captain Hollywood – Only With You
45.Unique II – Dance All Night
46.Aqua – Barbie Girl
47.Garcia – Varmonos
48.Heart Attack – Get Me Going
49.Carona – Magic Touch
50.K. Da Cruz – New High Energy
51.3-O Matic – All I Want Is You
52.Paradiso – Bailando
53.Lady Violet – Inside To Outside
54.Radiorama – Di Da Di
55.Morgana – Now And Ever
56.Future Beat – Faith The Night
57.Morgana – Feel The Night Away
58.Beat System – Dance Romance
59.Zoorn – This Must Be Love
60.Solid Base – C´est La Vie
61.Mash – Music Is Playing So Loud
62.Abigall – Don´t You Wanna Know
63.Academia – Dance To The Music
64.Arena – Fly Away
65.Wienna – Fu-Te-Re
66.Ice MC – Never Stop Believing
67.The Free – Born Crazy
68.Indra – We Belong Together
69.Sarnira – Love Train
70.Devotion – Fading Away

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Ruhrpott Records – Beat Mix Eurodance, Vol. 5 (79’)

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