DJ Ice – Uncle Bens 1994-1995

1-1994 – Uncle Ben’s 5th Symphony 55:50

Dj Mix(Megamix) by – DJ Ice

Sleeve text:
1994 – Uncle Ben’s 5th Symphony
The Next Generation Uncle Ben’s Year 1994

A compilation of all his greatest hits.
Compiled by the master of funk DJ Ice.
Samples and special effects by DJ Ice and his posse.

Unofficial bootleg (identical to DMC releases) of the Ben Liebrand 

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DJ Ice – Uncle Bens 1994-1995

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DJ Ice – Uncle Bens 1992-1993

Sleeve text:
1992 – Uncle Ben’s “The Third”
(Uncle Ben’s Year 1992)

A compilation of all his greatest hits.
Compiled by the master of funk DJ Ice.

Unofficial bootleg of the Ben Liebrand GRANDMIX 1992.

Tracklist not on album (info token from

1.1–Ben Liebrand-Timewarp Complete – Ready For Transmission    
1.2–Ben Liebrand-Intro Grandmix 92    
1.3–En Vogue-My Lovin    
1.4–Shabba Ranks-Mr. Loverman    
1.5–Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-Mistadobalina    
1.6–En Vogue-Free Your Mind    
1.7–Salt ‘N’ Pepa-Start Me Up    
1.8–George Michael-Too Funky    
1.9–Arrested Development-People Everyday    
1.10–Arrested Development-Tennessee    
1.11–Soul II Soul-Joy    
1.12–The Cover Girls-Wishing On A Star    
1.13–Kris Kross-Jump    
1.15–Kris Kross-Warm It Up    
1.16–Soul II Soul-Move The Mountain    
1.17–Ce Ce Peniston-Keep On Walking    
1.18–Jon Secada-Just Another Day    
1.19–Black Machine-How-Gee    
1.20–Joe Public-Live And Learn    
1.21–House Of Pain-Jump Around    
1.22–Kris Kross-I Missed The Bus    
1.23–Teddy Riley Featuring Tammy Lucas-Is It Good To You    
1.24–Black Machine-Funky Funky People    
1.25–Incognito-Don’t Worry ’bout A Thing    
1.26–Bobby Brown-Humpin’ Aroud    
1.27–C + C Music Factory-Keep It Comin’    
1.28–Kym Sims-A Little Bit More    
1.29–The Pasadenas-I’m Doing Fine Now    
1.30–Heavy D. & The Boyz-The Lover’s Got What U Need    
1.31–DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-The Things That You Do    
1.32–Paris Red-Promises    
1.33–Michael Jackson-Remember The Time    
1.34–Salt ‘N’ Pepa-Expression    
1.35–Mass Order-Lift Every Voice    
1.36–Jamie Principle-Hot Body    
1.37–The Cookie Crew-Brother Like Sister    
1.38–TLC-Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg    
1.39–Shawn Christopher-Don’t Lose The Magic    
1.40–Double You-Please Don’t Go    
1.41–Beckie Bell-I’ll Never Know    
1.42–Sophia-Running So Hard    
1.43–Aly-Us-Follow Me    
1.44–Ce Ce Peniston-Finally    
1.45–Michael Jackson-Jam    
1.46–Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson-The Best Things In Life    
1.47–Ce Ce Peniston-We Got A Love Thing    
1.49–Lidell Townsell-Nu Nu    
1.50–Nomad-You’re Love Is Lifting Me    
1.51–Sleepwalker-Saying Hi There    
1.52–K-yze-Sweat Dance    
1.53–Clivilles & Cole-Pride A Deeper Love    
1.54–Larry Spinosa-Guitar    
1.55–Inner City-Pennies From Heaven    
1.57–C + C Music Factory-Keep It Comin’    
1.58–Dance 2 Trance-Hello San Fransisco    
1.59–Snap!-Rhythm Is A Dancer    
1.60–Lil’ Louis & The World-Club Lonely    
1.61–Opus III-It’s A Fine Day    
1.62–World Series Of Life-I Would Give Anything    
1.63–Beckie Bell-Steppin’ Out Tonight    
1.64–Gat Decor-Passion    
1.65–Zyon-No Fate    
1.66–Ramirez-La Musika Tremenda    
1.67–Tito Puente-Para Los Rumberos    
1.68–Sadomasy & DJ One-Body Motion    
1.69–Bizarre Inc-I’m Gonna Get You    
1.71–Format-Solid Session    
1.72–2 Unlimited-The Magic Friend    
1.73–Andronicus-Make You Whole    
1.74–Dr. Alban-It’s My Life    
1.75–Paradise 3001-Tales Of Northern & Southern Hemispheres    
1.76–Transformer 2-Pacific Symphony    
1.77–Obstruction-I Want You Forever    
1.78–2 The Core-Have A Nice Day    
1.79–Felix-Don’t You Want Me    
1.80–Dr. Baker-Turn Up The Music    
1.81–2 Unlimited-Workaholic    
1.82–Ramirez-El Ritmo Barbaro    
1.83–Bass Bumpers-The Music’s Got Me    
1.84–Aquastep-Oempa Loempa    
1.85–Ramirez & Pizarro-Hablando    
1.86–Chestnut-Pot Of Gold    
1.87–Age Of Love-The Age Of Love    
1.88–Sequencial-Big Boom!    
1.89–2 Unlimited-Twilight Zone    
1.90–The Ultimate Seduction-House Nation    
1.91–The Ultimate Seduction-Ultimate Seduction    
1.92–Speedy J-Pullover    
1.93–Westbam-The Mayday Anthem    
1.96–Intrance Feat. D-Sign-Te Quierro    
1.97–3 Phase-Der Klang Der Familie    
1.98–Ben Liebrand-Outro Grandmix 92 “There Can Only Be One”    

All mixes between 1993 and 1999 presented as being GRANDMIXES
(including stuff like “Uncle Ben’s” and DJ Bootleg 99 mixes) of
the year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 are NOT mixed
by Ben Liebrand, and are just as illegal as all other GRANDMIX bootlegs
no matter what people would like you to believe.
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DJ Ice – Uncle Bens 1992-1993

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DJ Ice – Uncle Bens 1990-1991

A compilation of all his greatest hits. 
Compiled by the master of funk DJ Ice.

Unofficial bootleg (identical to DMC release) of the Ben Liebrand GRANDMIX 1990,
which was released for DMC members only on this release: Ben Liebrand – Grandmix 90

–Ben Liebrand-Intro Grandmix 1990     53:57
–Enigma-The Voice Of Enigma    
–Enigma-Sadeness (Part 1)    
–Double Trouble-Love Don’t Live Here Anymore    
–Maxi Priest-Close To You    
–Beats International-Dub Be Good To Me    
–Maureen Walsh-Thinking Of You    
–After 7-Can’t Stop    
–En Vogue-Hold On    
–En Vogue-Lies    
–ICE MC-Easy    
–Neneh Cherry-Inner City Mama    
–Madonna-Justify My Love    
–DNA-Tom’s Diner    
–Aswad-Next To You    
–Loose Ends-Don’t Be A Fool    
–Bassomatic-Fascinating Rhythm    
–Milli Vanilli-All Or Nothing    
–Soul II Soul-Get A Life    
–Glenn Medeiros-She Ain’t Worth It    
–Pebbles-Giving You The Benefit    
–Innocence-Natural Thing    
–Caron Wheeler-Living In The Light    
–Innocence-Silent Voice    
–Soul II Soul-A Dream’s A Dream    
–Snap!-Oops Up    
–Neneh Cherry-I’ve Got You Under My Skin    
–Caron Wheeler-UK Blak    
–The Family Stand-Ghetto Heaven    
–En Vogue-Don’t Worry    
–Jane Child-Welcome To The Real World    
–Keith Sweat-Make You Sweat    
–Innocence-Let’s Push It    
–TKA-I Won’t Give Up On You    
–Public Enemy-911 Is A Joke    
–Kid Frost-La Raza    
–Monie Love-It’s A Shame (My Sister)    
–Mantronix-Take Your Time    
–The Winans-It’s Time    
–Snap!-The Power    
–Troop-That’s My Attitude    
–Chad Jackson-Hear The Drummer Get Wicked    
–Jungle Brothers-What ‘U’ Waitin’ 4    
–Milli Vanilli-Keep On Running    
–Dimples D-Sucker DJ (A Witch For Love)    
–Snap!-Cult Of Snap    
–Bell Biv Devoe-Do Me!    
–Whistle-Bad Habit    
–The Deff Boyz-Swing    
–Guy-I Wanna Get With U    
–Today-Why You Get Funky On Me    
–Hi-Five-Just Can’t Handle It    
–Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.-Psyko Funk    
–Dom.I.No-Up The Par    
–Prince-New Power Generation    
–Johnny Gill-Rub You The Right Way    
–Public Enemy-Welcome To The Terrordome    
–Whitney Houston-I’m Your Baby Tonight    
–The Chimes-Heaven    
–Bell Biv Devoe-Poison    
–King Bee-Back By Dope Demand    
–The Stone Roses-Fools Gold    
–Ben Liebrand-Move To The Big Band    
–Tongue N Cheek-Nobody    
–Londonbeat-I’ve Been Thinking About You    
–Basic Black-She’s Mine    
–Basic Black-Nothing But A Party    
–Jungle Brothers-Doing Our Own Dang    
–Janet Jackson-Black Cat    
–Was(Not Was)-Papa Was A Rolling Stone    
–Soul II Soul-People    
–Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Baby    
–Monie Love-Monie In The Middle    
–Janet Jackson-Escapade    
–King Bee-Must Bee The Music    
–Tony! Toni! Tone!-Feels Good    
–Quincy Jones-Listen Up    
–MC Wildski-Warrior    
–Rebel MC-Better World    
–Hypnoteck And D.J. Patrice “G” Stiker-Pump Pump It Up    
–Black Box-Everybody    
–Deskee-Dance Dance    
–Deee-Lite-What Is Love ?    
–The KLF-What Time Is Love    
–Adventures Of Stevie V.-Body Language    
–2 In A Room-Do What You Wanna Do    
–Doug Lazy-Let The Rhythm Pump    
–F.A.B.-Thunderbirds Are Go!    
–DNA-La Serenissima    
–Sinead O’Connor-Nothing Compares 2 U    
–MC Hammer-Pray    
–Morris Day-Jerk Out    
–Adamski-The Space Jungle    
–Snap!-Don’t Believe The Hype    
–Snap!-Mary Had A Little Boy    
–Black Box-I Don’t Know Anybody Else    
–Adventures Of Stevie V.-Dirty Cash    
–Technotronic-Rockin’ Over The Beat    
–Clubland & Quartz-Let’s Get Busy (Pump It Up)    
–Betty Boo-Doin’ The Doo    
–Deee-Lite-Groove Is In The Heart    
–Simon Harris-Ragga House    
–49ers-Don’t You Love Me    
–Jazzi P-Feel The Rhythm    
–D Mob-Put Your Hands Together    
–Twenty 4 Seven-I Can’t Stand It    
–Fast Eddie-Most Wanted    
–ICE MC-Cinema    
–2 In A Room-Wiggle It    
–49ers-Touch Me    
–Kim Appleby-Don’t Worry    
–Technotronic-This Beat Is Technotronic    
–Technotronic-Get Up    
–MC Fixx It-Move Your Body    
–Fast Eddie-Git On Up    
–Deskee-Let There Be House    
–808 State-Cubic    
–Atahualpa-Ultimo Imperio    
–WestBam-Hold Me Back    
–Twenty 4 Seven-Are You Dreaming?    
–Mr. Lee-Pump That Body    
–Tony Scott-Gangster Boogie    
–Ben Liebrand-Outtro Grandmix 1990    
–MC Hammer-U Can’t Touch This

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DJ Ice – Uncle Bens 1990-1991

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