DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-1 (Vinyl 1)(12'00'')(7'13'')(11'06'')(10'11'')

DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-1-Kool & The Gang-Koolin’ Out Megamix (Vinyl 1)(Side 1)
A1–Kool & The Gang-Koolin’ Out Megamix-DJ Mix(Megamix) by Alan Coulthard
A1.1–Get Down On It    
A1.2–Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho    
A1.3–Ladies’ Night    
A1.5–Big Fun    
A1.6–Steppin’ Out    
A1.7–Straight Ahead    
A1.8–Take It To The Top    
A1.9–Hangin’ Out    
BPM 110-123
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DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-1-V.A.Struttin’ Out (Vinyl 1)(Side 1)

A2–Struttin’ Out-DJ Mix(Megamix) by Ben Liebrand
A2.1–Mel & Kim-Showing Out    
A2.2–Frantique-Strut Your Funky Stuff    
BPM 120
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DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-1-V.A.February Funk (Vinyl 1)(Side 2)
B1–February Funk-DJ Mix(Megamix) by Les ‘The Mixdoctor’ Adams
B1.1–Heavy ‘D’ & The Boyz-Mr Big Stuff    
B1.2–Robbie Nevil-C’est La Vie    
B1.3–Octavia-2 The Limit    
B1.4–Go Go Lorenzo-You Can Dance (If You Want To)    
B1.5–Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing    
B1.6–James (D Train) Williams-Misunderstanding    
BPM 100-105
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DMC 49, The Mixes – February 87-1-V.A.The House That Jack Built (Vinyl 1)(Side 2)
B2–The House That Jack Built-DJ Mix(Megamix) by Dakeyne
B2.1–Mel & Kim-Showing Out    
B2.2–Nitro Deluxe-Let’s Get Brutal    
B2.3–Steve “Silk” Hurley-Jack Your Body    
B2.4–The Force-It’s O.K., It’s O.K.    
B2.5–Home Wreckers-Jackin’    
B2.6–Jesse’s Gang-Real Love    
B2.7–Raze-Jack The Groove    
B2.8–Wired-To The Beat Of The Drum    
B2.9–The House Master Boyz And The Rude Boy Of House-House Nation    
B2.10–J.M. Silk-I Can’t Turn Around    
B2.11–M.T.R.-The Walk    
B2.12–Adonis-No Way Back    
B2.13–Denise Motto-I M N X T C (Jack Your Body To The Beat)    
BPM 123-127.5

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