DMC – Commercial Collection 413(June 2017)(3CD's)

DMC – Commercial Collection 413(June 2017)(3CD’s)
Exclusive Megamixes, Bootlegs & Remixes for Professional DJs

1-1–June Chart Popdance-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Keith Mann (11:58) (128 BPM) 
1-1.1–Chainsmokers & Coldplay-Something Just Like This (Alesso Remix)
1-1.2–Shawn Mendes-There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back    
1-1.3–Piano Guys & Cliff Richard-(It’s Gonna Be (Okay)    
1-1.4–Steps-Story Of A Heart (7th Heaven Mix)
1-1.5–Katy Perry Fe. Skip Marley-Chained To The Rhythm (Kue Remix)
1-2–Justin Bieber Megamix-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Allstar (11:57) (100 to 81 to 140 to 120 BPM)
1-2.1–Justin Bieber-Love Yourself    
1-2.2–DJ Snake Fe. Justin Bieber-Let Me Love You    
1-2.3–Justin Bieber-Sorry    
1-2.4–Justin Bieber-Boyfriend    
1-2.5–Major Lazer Fe. Justin Bieber & MO-Cold Water    
1-2.6–Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Fe. Justin Bieber-Despacito    
1-2.7–DJ Khaled Fe. Justin Bieber-I’m The One    
1-2.8–Skrillex, Diplo & Justin Bieber-Where Are U Now    
1-2.9–Justin Bieber-What Do You Mean    

1-3–Madonna-Holiday (DMC Soulful House Remix 2017)-Remix by DJ Ivan Santana (5:06) (126 BPM)

1-4–2Drunk2Funk Disco Party Mix-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Rod Layman (9:59) (125 BPM)
1-4.1–2Drunk2Funk-Legends Of Disco    
1-4.2–Lipps, Inc.-Funky Town    
1-4.3–Heatwave-Boogie Nights    
1-4.4–Edwin Starr-Contact    
1-4.5–Sister Sledge-We Are Family    
1-4.6–Kool & The Gang-Ladies Night    
1-4.7–Anita Ward-Ring My Bell    
1-4.8–Odyssey-Native New Yorker    
1-4.9–Hues Corporation-Rock The Boat    
1-4.10–Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive    
1-4.11–Donna Summer-I Feel Live    

1-5–Culture Club-Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (DMC Dancehall 2017 Remix)-Remix by DJ Ivan Santana (6:22) (102 BPM)

1-6–Chart Time Cool Groovin’-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Kevin Sweeney (12:58) (104 to 116 BPM)
1-6.1–Charlie Puth-Attention    
1-6.2–Lady Gaga-The Cure    
1-6.3–Katy Perry-Bon Appetit    
1-6.4–Flo Rida & 99 Percent-Cake    
1-6.6–Cheat Codes Fe. Demi Lovato-No Promises    

1-7–Sean Paul Vs. Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Body Under The Bridge Mix-Mixed By DJ Martin Pieters (5:06) (95 BPM)
1-7.1–Sean Paul-Body    
1-7.2–Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under The Bridge    

1-8–Old Skool Ravin’ (Part 1)-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Guy Garrett (16:20) (128 to 140 BPM)
1-8.1–Rozalla-Everybody’s Free    
1-8.2–Altern 8-Activ 8    
1-8.3–Baby D-Let Me Be Your Fantasy    
1-8.4–Awesome 3-Don’t Go    
1-8.5–Zero B-Lock Up    
1-8.7–2 Bad Mice-Bomb Scare    
1-8.8–Bizarre Inc-Playing With Knives    
1-8.9–Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era-Far Out    
1-8.10–Kicks Like A Mule-The Bouncer    
1-8.11–Liquid-Sweet Harmony    
1-8.12–Urban Shakedown-Some Justice    
1-8.13–Urban Hype-Trip To Trumpton    
1-8.14–Smart E’s-Sesame’s Treet    
1-8.15–Terrorize-Just A Feeling    
1-8.16–Prodigy-Your Love    

2-1–DJ Khaled Feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne-I’m The One (DMC Remix)-Remix by DJ Ivan Santana (5:13) (100 BPM)

2-2–June Clubbin’-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Klubheadz (8:12) (123 to 126 BPM)
2-2.1–DJ Dan-Squissh    
2-2.2–Hazzaro-Love Like This    
2-2.3–Jesse Rose & Avon Stringer-Pressure    
2-2.4–Golf Clap & Eyes Everywhere-Bout That    
2-2.5–Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz-Live Stream    

2-3–Lady Gaga Vs. Adele-The Hello Cure-Mixed By DJ Martin Pieters (3:38) (100 BPM)
2-3.1–Lady Gaga-The Cure    
2-4–Cheat Codes Minimix-The Hello Cure-Mixed By Allstar (5:23) (112 BPM)
2-4.1–Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam-Sex    
2-4.2–Cheat Codes & Dante Klein-Let Me Hold You (Turn You On)    
2-4.3–Cheat Codes Fe. Demi Lovato-No Promises    
2-5–Jennifer Hudson Vs. P!nk!-Raise Your Glass And Remember Me Mix-Mixed By DJ Martin Pieters (3:46) (110 BPM)
2-5.1–Jennifer Hudson-Remember Me    
2-5.2–P!NK-Raise Your Glass    
2-6–Mybadd Clubhouse Party-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Rod Layman (10:25) (126 BPM)
2-6.1–Mybadd Fe. Olivia Holt-Party On A Weekday    
2-6.2–Michael Gray-The Weekend    
2-6.3–Calvin Harris-I’m Not Alone    
2-6.4–Xpansions-Move Your Body    
2-6.5–Todd Terry Fe. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown-Jumpin’    
2-7–Brandy Vs. Jonas Blue-I Wanna Be Down Vs. Mama (I Wanna Be Mama)-Mixed By Bergwall (4:21) (104 BPM)
2-7.1–Brandy-I Wanna Be Down    
2-7.2–Jonas Blue-Mama    
2-8–RKLs Remix Part (Part Two) (All RKL Remixes Megamixed)-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Rod Layman (12:10) (125 BPM)
2-8.1–Starship-Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now    
2-8.2–Huey Lewis & The News-The Power Of Love    
2-8.3–Freddie Mercury-Living On My Own    
2-8.4–Journey-Don’t Stop Believing    
2-8.5–Jimi Jamison-I’m Always Here    

2-9–Rolling Stones-(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (DMC Remix 2017)-Remix by DJ Ivan Santana (4:44) (139 BPM)

2-10–Back In The 80s(Pts. 1&2)-Part 1-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Kevin Sweeney (21:57) (94 to 146 BPM)   
2-10.1–Roxette-The Look    
2-10.2–Howard Jones-What Is Love    
2-10.3–Tears For Fears-Shout    
2-10.4–Alphaville-Big In Japan    
2-10.5–Wang Chung-Dance Hall Days    
2-10.6–Nik Kershaw-The Riddle    
2-10.7–Laura Branigan-Self Control    
2-10.8–Eighth Wonder-I’m Not Scared    
2-10.9–Thompson Twins-Hold Me Now    
2-10.10–Kagagoogoo, Limahl-Too Shy    
2-10.11–Simple Minds-Don’t You (Forget About Me)    

2-11–Back In The 80s Part 2-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Kevin Sweeney
2-11.1–Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up    
2-11.2–Howard Jones-New Song    
2-11.3–Visage-Fade To Grey    
2-11.4–Thompson Twins-Doctor Doctor    
2-11.5–Limahl-Never Ending Story    
2-11.6–Yazoo-Don’t Go    
2-11.7–Jason Donovan-Too Many Broken Hearts    
2-11.8–Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)    
2-11.9–New Order-Blue Monday    
2-11.10–Communards-Don’t Leave Me This Way    
2-11.11–Ultravox-Dancing With Tears In My Eyes    
2-11.12–Soft Cell-Tainted Love    


3-1–Dance N Club-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Keith Mann (11:53) (125 to 128 BPM)
3-1.1–Clean Bandit Fe. Zara Larsson-Symphony (MK Remix)
3-1.2–Layout-We Found Love    
3-1.3–Cheat Codes Fe. Demi Lovato-No Promises (Club Mix)    
3-1.4–Axwell & Ingrosso-I Love You (Chace Remix)
3-1.5–Jack Wins Fe. Francci Richard-I Used To Love You (Extended)    
3-1.6–Claptone ,Fe. George Kranz-The Drums (Din Daa Daa)    

3-2–Bob Marley-Waiting In Vain (The MSK Band Remix 2017) (5:21) (79 BPM)

3-3–Elvis Presley-Suspicious Minds (The MSK Band Remix 2017) (6:33) (115 BPM)

3-4–Latin Inflections Mix-DJ Mix[Megamix] by DJ Ivan Santana (12:27) (100 to 125 BPM)
3-4.1–Play-N-Skillz Fe. Wisin, Frankie J.& Leslie Grace-Si Una Vez (If I Once) (English Mix)    
3-4.2–Luis Fonsi Fe. Daddy Yankee With Justin Bieber-Despacito    
3-4.3–Pitbull & J. Balvin & Camila Cabello-Hey Ma (Clean English)    
3-4.4–Inna-Gimme Gimme    
3-4.6–Jude & Frank Fe. Toto La Momposina-La Luna (Extended)    

3-5–The Eagles-New Kid In Town (The MSK Band 2017 Remix) (6:12) (107 BPM)

3-6–U2-With Or Without You (Sergio Wos Remix) (6:38) (107 BPM)

3-7–June Chart Stompers-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Mat Butler (11:09) (98 to 101 BPM)
3-7.1–Ed Sheeran-Galway Girl (Martin Jensen Remix)
3-7.2–French Montana Fe. Swae Lee-Unforgettable    
3-7.3–Sean Paul Fe. Migos-Body    
3-7.4–Lady Gaga-The Cure    
3-7.5–Chainsmokers & Coldplay-Something Just Like This    
3-7.6–Kygo & Selena Gomez-It Ain’t Me    

3-8–The Doors-Riders On The Storm (The MSK Band Remix) (6:30) (105 BPM)

3-9–Back In The 90s-DJ Mix[Megamix] by Kevin Sweeney (13:11) (126 to 142 BPM)
3-9.1–2 Unlimited-Get Ready For This    
3-9.2–2 Unlimited-Tribal Dance    
3-9.3–Cappella-U Got To Know    
3-9.4–Technotronic Fe. Ya Kid K-Move It (To The Rhythm)    
3-9.5–Maxx-Get Away    
3-9.6–Cappella-U Got To Let The Music    
3-9.7–Robert Miles-Children    
3-9.8–2 Unlimited-No Limit    
3-9.9–Prodigy-No Good (Start The Dance)    
3-9.10–Reel 2 Real Fe. The Mad Stuntman-I Like To Move It (Sample)    
3-9.11–Dr. Alban-It’s My Life (Sample)    
3-9.12–Technotronic-Pump Up The Jam (Sample)    
3-9.13–Jam & Spoon-Right In The Night (Sample)    

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