Hit Mix '86 – 86 original hits for 1986 (2 LP’s, 4 Parts-LP1, Side One (21'39''))

The world’s greatest nonstop Megamix on 2 record set on 33 1/3
Compiled By Paul Lynton, Tony Prince
Compiled for Stylus Music in conjunction with Disco Mix Club (UK).
Producer By Dakeyne, Les ‘Mixdoctor’ Adams
Hit Mix ’86 – The world’s greatest nonstop Megamix(2LP’s) – LP1, Side One (21’39”)
A1.a–Sly Fox-Let’s Go All The Way 1985
Written-Gary Cooper; Producer-Ted Currier
A1.b–Nik Kershaw-Wouldn’t It Be Good 1984
Written-Nik Kershaw; Producer-Peter Collins
A1.b–Paul Hardcastle-Don’t Waste My Time 1985
Written & Producer-Paul Hardcastle
A1.d–Amazulu-Too Good To Be Forgotten 1986
Written-B.Acklin,E.Record; Producer-Christopher Neil
A1.e–Princess-Say I’m Your Number One 1985
Written & Producers-Stock / Aitken / Waterman
A1.f–Belouis Some-Imagination 1985
Written-Belouis Some; Producers-Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
A1.g–Thompson Twins-You Take Me Up 1984
Written-Currie,Leeway,Bailey; Producers-Alex Sadkin & Tom Bailey
A1.h–Samantha Fox-Touch Me(I Want Your Body) 1986
Written & Producers Jon Astrop,M.Sheeve,Pete Q.Harris
A1.i–Baltimora-Tarzan Boy 1985
Written-Maurizio Bassi,Naimy Hackett; Producer-Maurizio Bassi
A1.j–Kate Bush-Running Up That Hill 1985
Written & Producer Kate Bush
A1.k–David Grant & Jaki Graham-Could It Be I’m Falling In Love 1985
Written-M.Steals,M.Steals; Producer-Derek Bramble
A1.l–Kajagoogoo-Too Shy 1982
Written-Strode,Limahl,Beggs,Askew,Neale; Producers Nick Rhodes & Colin Thurston
A1.m–Nik Kershaw-I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me 1983
Written-Nik Kershaw; Producer-Peter Collins
A1.n–Shalamar-A Night To Remember 1982
Written-C.Sylvers,D.Meyers,N.Beard; Producer-Leon Sylvers III
A1.o–David Grant-Watching You, Watching Me 1983
Written-D.Bramble; Producer & Mixed-Steve Levine
A1.p–Phil Fearon-I Can Prove It 1986
Written-Etoria; Mixed & Producer-Mix Master Phil Harding, Stock / Aitken / Waterman
A1.q–Paul Hardcastle-Just For Money 1985
Written & Producer-Paul Hardcastle
A1.r–Break Machine-Street Dance 1983
Written-F.Zarr,H.Belolo,J.Morali,K.Rodgers; Producer-Henri Belolo
A1.s–MC Miker ‘G’ And DJ Sven-Holiday Rap 1986
Written-B.Bennett,C.L.Hudson,B.Welch,L.Stevens,L.Witteveen,S. van Veen; Producer-Ben Liebrand
A1.t–Boris Gardiner-I Want To Wake Up With You 1986
Written-Ben Peters; Producer-Willie Lindo
A1.u–Latin Quarter-Radio Africa 1985
Written-Keef,Jones,Skaith; Producer-Nigel Gray
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