Hit Mix '86 – 86 original hits for 1986 (2 LP’s, 4 Parts)-LP1, Side Two (26'56'')

The world’s greatest nonstop Megamix on 2 record set on 33 1/3
Compiled By Paul Lynton, Tony Prince
Compiled for Stylus Music in conjunction with Disco Mix Club (UK).
Producer By Dakeyne, Les ‘Mixdoctor’ Adams

Hit Mix ’86 – The world’s greatest nonstop Megamix(2LP’s) – LP1, Side Two (26’56”)

B1.a–Ruby Turner With Jonathan Butler-If You’re Ready(Come Go With Me) 1985
Written-C.Hampton,H.Banks,R.Jackson; Producer-Billy Ocean

B1.b–Wally Badarou-Chief Inspector 1985
Written & Producer-Wally Badarou

B1.c–The Real Roxanne With Hitman Howie Tee-Bang Zoom(Let’s Go Go) 1986
Written-Full Force,Howie Tee, he Real Roxanne;  Producer-Full Force

B1.d–Whistle-(Nothing Serious)Just Buggin’ 1986
Written & Producer-Howie Tee,The Kangol Kid,Whistle

B1.e–Change-Let’s Get Together 1985
Written-D.Romani,J.F.Petrus,P.Slade; Producer-Jacques Fred Petrus

B1.f–Kenny G-What Does It Take(To Win Your Love) 1986
Written-H.Fuqua,J.Bristol,V.Bullock; Producer-Preston Glass

B1.g–Run DMC-King Of Rock 1985
Written & Producers-D.McDaniels,J.Simmons,L.Smith

B1.h–Midnight Star-Headlines 1986
Written-Belinda,Simmonds,Lovelace,Gentry,Midnight Star,Calloways Bros; Producers-Midnight Star,Reggie Calloway

B1.i–The Real Thing-Can’t Get By Without You(The Decade Remix II ’76-’86) 1986
Written-K.Gold, M.Denne; Producer-Ken Gold

B1.j–Jaki Graham-Set Me Free 1986
Written-Derek Bramble,J.Graham; Producer-Derek Bramble

B1.k–Skipworth & Turner-Thinking About Your Love 1985
Written-Rodney Skipworth & Phil Turner; Producers-Patrick Adams,Rodney Skipworth

B1.l–B B & Q Band-(I’m a)Dreamer 1986
Written & Producer-Kae Williams

B1.m–Rah Band-Clouds Across The Moon 1985
Written & Producer-Richard Hewson

B1.n–Grace Jones-Pull Up To The Bumper
Written-Dana Mano,Grace Jones,Koo Koo Baya; Produsers-Alex Sadkin,Chris Blackwell

B1.o–The Real Thing-You To Me Are Everything(The Decade Remix ’76 – ’86) 1986
Written & Produsers-Micky Denne & Ken Gold

B1.p–Millie Scott-Prisoner Of Love 1986
Written & Producers-B.Nazarian,C.Eatmon,D.Bradley

B1.q–Aretha Franklin-Who’s Zoomin’ Who 1985
Written-Franklin,Walden,Glass; Producer-Narada Michael Walden

B1.r–The Three Degrees-The Heaven I Need 1985
Written & Producers-Stock / Aitken / Waterman

B1.s–Pointer Sisters-Automatic 1983
Written-B.Walsh,M.Goldenberg; Producer-Richard Perry

B2.t–Colonel Abrams-Trapped 1985
Written-Colonel Abrams,Marston Freeman; Producer-Richard Burgess

B2.u–Whispers-And The Beat Goes On 1979
Written-L.Sylvers,S.Shockley,W.Shelby; ProducerS-Dick Griffey & The Whispers

B2.v–Colonel Abrams-I’m Not Gonna Let You 1986
Written-Colonel Abrams,Marston Freeman; Producer-Richard James Burgess

B2.w–Dhar Braxton-Jump Back(Set Me Free) 1986
Written & Produser-Jhon Fair

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